Tom Green Announces Wilson Valdez

Most of you have probably seen this video at one point or another. But it's Friday, there's not a lot going on, and, in honor of Wilson Valdez's 4-for-4 day yesterday, here's an old video of Tom Green announcing his name at a minor league baseball game. Ya know, before Tom Green stopped being funny.

The second player announced, Josh McKinely, was a local kid and a Malvern Prep grad. Respect.

                                      H/T to Justin for the reminder

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4 Responses

  1. McKinely played SS and was drafted like 6th overall to the Expos if I remember correctly. It’s ashame he never panned out. I heard they moved him around to a ton of different positions and he just couldn’t get comfortable anywhere and it messed with his hitting. Last I heard he was MMA fighting in Arizona or something.

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