Tomorrow’s Flyers Shirt Giveaway: Philadelphia Tea Party


via the Flyers' Twitter

This is going to send Jack Edwards into a fucking tizzy.

And to see what's left of the Sabres' season, click here. It's quite literally going down the drain in this eery video. I can't help but think of Keyser Soze pissing on that boat.

H/T to (@BroadStHockey)

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11 Responses

  1. Not to interrupt the Flyers teabagging lovefest, but can Crossing Broad Tickets please donate a BUS TICKET to David “high sinker” Herndon to Allentown… or Williamsport… etc.

  2. @ The returded imposter poster above “iowa”:
    Hahahahah nice try, who ever the f*ck you are. But look at your timestamp. That’s right in the middle of 1p of ECSF Game 1. I was in front of my 60 inch plasma (which according to my math is 7 and a half times the size of my penis) cursing the piss poor defence of the Flyers, especially Carle and Meszaros.
    You see Kyle. This is what happens now that you’ve hidden the thumbnail icons.
    Anyway, you wouldn’t see me pretending to be someone else. It’s a pretty chickeshyte move that only wussified pussies would do.
    By the way, what the f*ck is “genitalia”? Is that some sort of guinea cheesesteak?

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