Two Years Ago Today, in Washington, Harry Kalas Left Us

Here are two videos from CSN's outstanding coverage of that day.

Tonight, the Phillies are once again in Washington to take on the Nationals. Roy Halladay will pitch. Harry would enjoy that.

The other video is after the jump.


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  1. watching this makes me remember that wheels was bareable when harry called the games… harry made summer seem like it would never end… “deep fly ball, its outta here”

  2. Baseball season isn’t quite as much fun as it used to be without Harry around.

  3. My favorite Phillie is my favorite Phillie because of how Harry called one of his home runs when I was 5. “It’s a deep fly ball to right center field and it.. is… outta here. Micky Morandini with a 3-run home run to put the Phillies up, 5-4.”
    Don’t ask me how I remember that call word for word, I don’t even know.

  4. I wish that Harry was here to call games of the Phearsome Phour. He would have loved it just as much, if not more than any of us.

  5. Definitely still hurts. There aren’t many games that pass where I don’t go “Man how would Harry have called that?”

  6. I was there at the Nats/Phillies game when Harry left us. It still hurts my heart. Going tonight to see Roy and the boys win one for Harry. Hope to have a “see thru” before 7:05 to toast his memory! GO PHILS

  7. I miss Harry every game day and I make sure to stay after every home win to hear Harry sing “High Hopes”; singing right along with him. Baseball lost a little of its luster when we lost Harry. I remember being a basket case for weeks, literally sobbing uncontrollably. The game will never be the same. We all miss you Harry.

  8. Franzke’s piece before the game that day was tremendous and definitely worth another listen on this day.

  9. My son and I always stay and listen after every home win and sing along as well. Hearing his voice always brings back so many great family memories for me of the good ol days…. Thanks Kyle

  10. My first memories of baseball were listening to Harry and Whitey. Memories that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.

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