Video: On To The Next One


Tremendous montage put together by Brian Kimble on YouTube to get you ready for today's game. Watch the video after the jump.



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  1. Defense has got to show up for game 2 to help out bouch, who i expect to see between the pipes.

  2. Mike Richards seemed to appreciate it when he posted it to his twitter account. Your a clown.

  3. “Your [sic] a clown.”
    “It’s a different generation.”
    Indeed it is. Espesheyally when it comes to knowing the difference between “your” and “you’re”. I may have failed reform skool, and I may be too lazy to lookup the propor spelling of long words, but I learned when to use “your”/”you’re” correctly, espeshally after the nuns made my nuckles and knees bleed.
    BTW1: Richie tweated that it was a “sweet video”. He said nothing about the music. I too, while taking ekseppshun to the music, said, “the video is awesome otherwise”:
    So lighten up, bro, and take your keelhauling like a man.
    BTW2: I’m not a clown, but I am a “Clown Baby”:

    And thank f*cking g*d that f*cker Bin Laden is D-E-A-D! U.S.A.!… U.S.A.!… U.S.A.!

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