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Last week, the Wall Street Journal broke news that Phillies fans no longer care about the Mets, marking the first time in history in which New York displayed an inferiority complex towards us. Cute.

I disagree, but now we're just pickin' nit. We have more important things to get to… like photo doctoring.

Now, before your pantelons get all twisted, let's be clear that there was no real malicious intent. In their article about the newfound invincibility of Mets fans at CBP, the WSJ published photos of Phillies fans holding up signs about the Mets. Shown hither: 


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  • NY-AW511B_SPRTS_DV_20110406232426


Well, it turns out our friends on Wall Street were a little deceptive in their tactics- shocking, I know. The pictures were essentially Photoshopped to show fans holding signs different from the ones they were actually holding. Some shown… hither:


  • 105636485
  • 83903070


Today, they corrected themselves:

Two photos of Philadelphia Phillies fans in a Sports article Thursday were altered and one photo was misidentified. The misidentified photo was from 2009 but a caption said it was taken on April 5. Two photos were digitally altered to put humorous signs in the hands of fans but were not adequately labeled as photo illustrations.


Harmless, but slightly pathetic. A) The illustrations weren't funny. B) Are New Yorkers really that butt-hurt that they have to complain that Mets fans weren't harrassed at CBP last week? Likely.

Huge H/T to reader Drew Davis, who not only found the retraction, but also the original pictures. Crowd sourcing!