You Do Not Try to Remove Roy Halladay in the Ninth Inning

Remember when Charlie came out to the mound last night and then went walking back to the dugout laughing? Here's why: [ via Doc's Patients]

Manuel: "Well, Roy, here I am."

Halladay: "I've got 'em. I've got 'em."

Manuel: "OK, you've got 'em, then."


He had 'em.


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  1. He was awesome last night. Sitting six rows up from the Nats’ dugout, you could see Werth getting pissed at things. Had a brief moment at the bottom of the sixth where Roy got ’em swinging and he ripped his helmet and batting glove off and left chucked them on the field. Crowd had to be 70% Philly fans and that’s with ESPN giving it just short of 17K fans in attendance (40% full).

  2. I’d have lifted him for a pinch hitter before he got to the ninth inning. 100 or so pitches and a tight strike zone? C’mon, you going to let your closer gather rust while your #1 blows his arm off against the NATS? I love Charlie but sometimes he listens to Roy too much.

  3. I’m just glad they let me finish. I didn’t want to have to pimp slap Chaaaalie with my BIG SAFE Hands. Came close though…

  4. Adam B said it best. And I’ll say this – it was a DREAM talking about the four starters before the season started, but god damnit is it not the best thing to actually live it? Watch that last night and turn right around and get jacked for a Cliff start? And then again for Roy Jr and then again for Cole?

  5. Cholly did the right thing. Halladay was Raging Bull reincarnate after that broken bat almost impaled him. I could imagine Chooch telling Manuel something to the effect that: “If you pull Doc, then you better be the one catching behind the plate for his next start, because he’s going to be lobbing some mean ones and I don’t want to get hurt.”

  6. What an incredible performance. If you don’t know what it means to bear down, this was the definitive case.
    And for other interested moments in the game, special mention goes to Matt Stairs’ AB. LOL.

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