Your Afternoon Baseball Roundup: Chase Utley Drives a Free Audi, the Braves Have No Fans, Harry Kalas Photo Gallery


-Life ain’t so bad for Chaseton.

An article which appears in the Yahoo Auto section talks about car companies that give free cars to celebrities and athletes. It’s not exactly a new idea, but the story does do a good job of explaining just how many public figures get free rides. Like Chase Utley: [Yahoo]

Sometimes it’s not a carmaker but a dealer who elevates an athlete or performer to celebrity status. Such is the case in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where Chase Utley, second basemen for the Philadelphia Phillies, drives an Audi S5 during spring training. “We have tons of athletes and anchormen driving our cars,” says Ian Jeffery, General Manager of Willow Grove Audi. Among them are the dealership’s owner, Don Rosen, the star of more than 100 radio and print commercials. “We’ve shown him singing and playing the trumpet,” says Rosen’s ad man Eliot Curson. “ He’s always off key; the butt of the joke.”

The campaign has been a tremendous success. “People recognize him, they point him out, they come up and shake his hand.”

And why not? “He’s famous,” says Curson.” “He’s a celebrity.”


Free Audis. Proving once again, that Chase Utley is, indeed, the man. Of course, you don’t have to be a celeb to get hooked up with a free ride. Back in January, the fine folks from GM of the Northeast hooked me up with a… Chevy Cruze. Blogging!

H/T to (@Caleb_Mezzy)… and Chevy

The Braves don’t have any fans. Last night’s attendance? 13,865. That is all.

-And finally, a great photo gallery of Harry Kalas over at Respect.


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  1. oh man… harry kalas you are still dearly missed… I cant help but get all emotional seeing your picture…. we miss your iconic voice and your signature catch phrases…

  2. Mike Richards gets free BMW leases from West German BMW. Last I saw he was driving an X5.
    Funny how the people that can afford to drive luxury cars get them for free.

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