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Last night Chase and Jennifer Utley hosted their 4th annual Chase Utley All-Star Animals Casino Night at the Electric Factory to raise money for the Pennsylvania SPCA’s efforts to fight animal cruelty. Thanks to our friends from GM of the Northeast for hooking me up with a sweet GMC Acadia to take to the event. It fit right in with the Bentleys and 7 Series in the parking lot…

Most of the Phillies were there, including Chase, Cliff Lee, Roy Halladay, Brad Lidge, Ryan Madson, Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, Kyle Kendrick, Ben Francisco, Cole Hamels, Danys Baez, and Mike Zagurski, among others. Heidi Hamels, Jen Utley, Cindy Francisco (CinFran!), Stephenie Kendrick, Johari Rollins, Krystle Campbell, Lindsey Lidge, and Mike Zagurski’s girlfriend (?) were all there. Sadly, no Brandy Halladay or Kristen Lee. More sadly, I knew most of those names without even looking them up.


I was there to take pics. There’s a photo gallery after the jump. I may have overdone it with the Chase and Cliff pics… There’s also a short video. It’s not too exciting, but don’t pretend like you won’t watch it.

Hop it.



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  1. As an animal lover, I applaud the Utleys taking on this cause. It was good to see most of the team in attendance smiling and having fun. I like seeing them off the field in non-baseball situations. There are quite a few shots of Lee (man crush?) but all in all, good pics. Nice to see the clean shaven return of Cole Hamels!

  2. Kyle, you could never overdo it with the Kings of Coolness. I would’ve done the same! “Kasmir” was a nice touch too. I can’t help but think of Chuts every time I hear that song.

  3. Jen Utley is totally checking out Heidi Hamels’ chest. Oh, to be Cole & Chase…

  4. I was at this fancy person event last night and I had the unfortunate pleasure of watching Golden Boy Utley yell at a handicapped dude for wearing jean shorts to his benefit. It was ashame to seem him treat a fan like that with such disrespect…Utley is a tool.

  5. What no Sarah Madson? Also, i couldn’t help but laugh when shot after shot of Chase and Cliff kept coming appearing. lol.

  6. “lol, just another day in the life of Kyle Scott, being better than you.” Posted by: haha
    $10 for a couple of good hoo-ers tonite? I don’t think so.
    And maybe Ziggy Zaggy was there because he was one of the PA SPCA’s reskews.

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