Your Game 7 Roundup


There are still 27 tickets available for UNDER $150 for tonight's game. Get them here.

Not a ton of information comes from the players and coaches on game days, but here's the latest:

Patrick Kaleta is out with what is reportedly a hand injury.

– Lavs is ready for Game 7: [Philly Sports Daily]

“I’ve said from the start, two months ago, three months ago. Battling in the Eastern Conference was never about a trophy, it was always about a game 7, our fans in our building. If there’s a choice for me [to be home or on the road] the choice is in Philadelphia.”


– Here are a few Game 7 videos from YouTube that are well worth your time.



6 Responses

  1. Well fuck, there goes my “Dollars for Dan Carcillo to literally decapitate Patrick Kaleta with a hockey stick” fund idea.

  2. I would still put money in that fund… just find an ex con… get him a small one game contract… then send him out there next season.. first game against buffalo

  3. Kaleta cant play in Philly, despite that single luck goal he scored in game 1 …..he disappears in Philly games…he is at least smart enough to know we would get to him after the game…

  4. Just goes to show that fapping/branleufing with a min-ee-skewl schween can be a dangerous endeavour.
    And I’ve seen athletes with sore vaginas play much better than Paddy-K(akes).

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