Your Playoff CB Six Pack

Sixers line: It’s telling me something. Higher than margin of Game 1. Sadly, Heat.

Goal: Bouche. I like Bob. Think he’s highly talented. But he’s been wildly inconsistent and was flopping around like a late-career Ron Hextall on Saturday. Stay in the net, Bob. Bouche is steady, experienced, and the perfect come-full-circle story to lead this team to the Cup.

Gonzo or Murphy: I actually enjoy both of their work. Gonzo has the balls to be different and is generally funny. Since leaving 97.5, he’s taken the Buzz Bissinger go fuck yourself road. I like it. Murphy, on the other hand, while oozing dangerous levels of smug that could pollute post-tsunamic waters (too soon?), writes with humor and color. It’s a breath of fresh air from a beat writer. That being said, Gonzo made fun of his game. Gonzo.

Tortured existence: Lavs’ gum. It’s the mucilage equivalent of children who are told to leave the room when daddy yells at mommy. 

Crossing Broads: Michelle Beadle. Cute, perky, and hosted an entire series devoted to showing off baseball parks.

Crossing Bros: I’m fairly certain Ville Leino has fucking killed someone with a fishing line. That wins.

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6 Responses

  1. With Chris Pronger out, is there any chance the Flyers can get Statham to suit for tonight’s game? I dare the jabroni from Buffalo who takes a run on HIM!

  2. Right-on, Riley. Beadle’s got that Heidi Montag bad nip-tuck thing going (plus, she looks like she’s probably a dead fish in the sack), and Charissa looks like what Erin Andrews should look had they done the surgery to Erin properly. And she’s definitely got the better body:
    Especially her boobage:
    Cole agrees:

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