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– It’s “Bouche” not “Boosh.” Think about it. How is “Douche” spelled? Now switch the letters…

– Flyers Game 2 photo gallery

– Some random stats courtesy of the Flyers’ release:

The Flyers are now 36-29 all time in Games 2 and are now 19-16 in Game 2 when trailing 1-0 in a series.  The Flyers are 16-15 all-time when tied 1-1 in a series.  They are 14-17 all-time in Game 3 of a series that is tied 1-1 after two games. 

Looking ahead in the series, the Flyers are 18-3 all-time when leading a series 2-1 after Game 3, and are 7-19 all-time when trailing 2-1 after three games.

Per the Elias Sports Bureau – the six combined goals in tonight’s first period is the most in a period of a Flyers playoff game since May 20, 1997 at the NY Rangers in Game 3 of the 1997 Eastern Conference Finals, when the Flyers scored four and the Rangers scored two in the third period.  The Flyers won the game 6-3.


– Sixers Game 1 photo gallery

Miami’s take on Game 1

Philly’s take on Game 1

– Lavs on Bob and Bouche

Q: Was it a difficult decision taking Bob out at that point? 

“Yeah, I think there were areas where we could have played better in front of him. Just the change of momentum at that point, Bouch [Brian Boucher] is a veteran goaltender. When we were in a situation where they came back and took the lead, you need to get someone in there that has a calmness presence about them that handle the puck a little better and maybe take some of the pressure off our defensemen. I thought he came off the bench and was terrific.”

Q: Have you made a decision about who will start in Game 3?

“I don’t talk about goaltenders.”

Q: If Bouch is a veteran goalkeeper, why wouldn’t he be a starter?

“We don’t have a starter if that’s what you’re looking for. If you are trying to find the number one, we have been struggling with that question the entire year.”


– Flyers and Sixers highlights after the jump.

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  1. “It’s ‘Bouche’ not ‘Boosh.’ Think about it. How is ‘Douche’ spelled? Now switch the letters…”
    What a dooshy thing to say. Who appointed you the spelling authority? Doosh: D-O-O-S-H, Doosh.

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