ZOMG! Chase Utley is Running

Chase_utley_walkingSpotted: The elusive Chase Utley on the move

According to our friend J-Mac, Chase Utley was doing (performing?) running drills at CBP today.

That is in addition to this, from SI.com fantasy baseball injury guru Will Carroll: [SI.com]

As I expected, things are ramping up quickly for Utley. He went from running to running the bases quickly. Over the weekend, he ran the bases, did some shuttle drills to test his lateral stability, and continued with what have been called fielding drills, but that observers called more lateral drills. "They're pushing him to either side, back and forth, left and right. [It's] not so much about range as the back and forth," I was told by one observer. The best news is that Utley's knee showed no real signs of trouble after adding activities. I expect this to continue forward now that the medical staff has gotten ahead of the issue. Now it will come down to maintenance and making sure that there's no surprises. Often there's some setbacks when players go 100 percent, since it's difficult to simulate the full-go or the unconscious uses on the body. Right now, that May 15 ERD is looking like it might be too negative.


Of course, ESPN's Stephania Bell, a board-certified orthopedic clinical specialist, was a little less optimistic yesterday. In either case, Utley is apparently making some progress. And, well, that's a good thing.

[Pic is from March 30th]

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  1. I like that the picture is really fuzzy and hard to see, like it’s a photo of bigfoot.

  2. Mike’s comment is gonna be half-ass. I knew he’d say it yesterday.
    This is really good news for Chase, can’t wait to see the team dynamic when he’s back out on the field. The team is playing well as-is, and its hard to tell how things change when players filter in and out. Hopefully it will provide at least a boost in (What is already a high) morale, even if his return doesn’t give up anything tangible in the beginning.

  3. Old news. He was doing this last week before the 1st game with the Marlins. That’s why you shouldn’t be getting drunk in DC when you know you have a drinking problem.* Hahahahahahahah
    *: The problem being you can’t hold your liquor, Boyo.

  4. Don’t get me mad Iron Balls. Kyle’s my boy. You know, in a hetero way…

  5. In any case, I just like seeing new pictures of Chase, doesn’t matter what he’s doing, I’m 6 to Midnight when I see that dude suited up. Say I’m gay, then I DARE you to not agree. Double dog dare you.

  6. Stephania Bell is a Physical Therapist with OCS credentials. She is a great public endorsement towards the PT profession.

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