After Yesterday’s Game, Mike Richards Took Time to Pause, Reflect…

… and post a link to Crossing Broad.

Well played, Mike. You get a pass from me. I'm easily swayed.

As for the defense, however… Not good.

Watch Richard's post-game comments after the jump.


2 Responses

  1. Sometimes you have to call the defense out. They were definitely the ones who could have stepped up the most.

  2. Because of that tweat, he should be stripped of his “C” for his shytty taste in music. (He gets to be an “A” because the video is awesome otherwise.)
    You’re right about the defense, Kyle. I’m calling Carle and Meszaros out. Especially Carle. -3 and they were from the 1st 3 goals. He looked like he was out there skating in an exhabition game. Pronger was -3 too but that was just bad luck. You can’t blame they way he tried, given his health.
    By the way, “Brian Boucher” (May 01, 2011 at 01:31 PM), I’m don’t think players, Cs or not, should be calling other players out to the media. Richie answered the question the right way, saying it was everyone’s fault. But we all know that Lavs is going to call particular players out behind closed doors.
    I hope one of them is Carle, because you can see him stinking it up right as they started their downward slide in the last third of the season. I don’t know what’s the matter with him. He was a lot better last year. He was probably the most dependable young D (more than Coburn).
    Hopefully they’ll bounce back, given that they have this recent trend of losing game 1 in playoffs. Look under “Note of the Night” here:|PHI|home I’m sure they will bounce back. The magic of this team is their tennayshushness and their resillyentcy.
    By the way, since Richie gave a good interview, AND SINCE HE WAS WEARING A KICK-ARSE HAT, I’ve decided that he can still keep his “C”.

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