And Now an Idiot Bruins Fan

My god, I hate Boston people. This video sounds like it's being narrated by the evil step-son of Ted Kennedy and Christopher Walken. Oh my gahd!

via Barstool


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  1. The holmes seems highly intoxicated…if not, it’s pretty sad that someone said, “hey, I’ve got an idea, let’s go outside and videotape this dipshit climbing a tree.” Beer, and a lot of it, is the only explanation.

  2. best part is the camera man screaming hes fine as soon as the kid hits the floor

  3. “Aw my gaaaawd! Aw my gaaaawd! Aw my gaaaawd! Awright-awright-awright!”
    Boston hoo-er’s are so ugly inside and out. I’m going to watch this vid whenever I need to get turned-off for “wahtever” reason.

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