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Today is the last day of vacation for yours truly. I say "vacation" because I arbitrarily decided to extend my holiday weekend another day (ducks tomatoes). Anyway, things will pick up tonight and tomorrow.

Here is another fine frightening example, seen on the Ocean City boardwalk, of bootleg apparel gone wrong. The multi-team t-shirt, evil step-cousin to the "ill," has reached critical mass. Here we find the Broad Street Bullies shirt using Flyers colors… on a Rangers logo. On no cosmic level does this make sense. The only inference you can draw is "the Flyers own the Rangers," but even that is a long shot. So why? Why do this? Why wear this?

There is nothing wrong with team unity. In fact, the Eagles-Phillies 2009 breast cancer awareness combo t-shirt was nice. It was simple, supported a cause, and rallied the troops. The modern-day versions, however, reek of bandwagondom and idiocy. The below shirt at least makes sense – it's hideous, but makes no bones about the two teams which it supports. But what's the appeal for wearing a Rangers crest adorned with a Flyers message? There is none.

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Did the eagle drop deuces all over the "P," or what?