And Now, Great Moments in Horrible Multi Team Apparel

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Today is the last day of vacation for yours truly. I say "vacation" because I arbitrarily decided to extend my holiday weekend another day (ducks tomatoes). Anyway, things will pick up tonight and tomorrow.

Here is another fine frightening example, seen on the Ocean City boardwalk, of bootleg apparel gone wrong. The multi-team t-shirt, evil step-cousin to the "ill," has reached critical mass. Here we find the Broad Street Bullies shirt using Flyers colors… on a Rangers logo. On no cosmic level does this make sense. The only inference you can draw is "the Flyers own the Rangers," but even that is a long shot. So why? Why do this? Why wear this?

There is nothing wrong with team unity. In fact, the Eagles-Phillies 2009 breast cancer awareness combo t-shirt was nice. It was simple, supported a cause, and rallied the troops. The modern-day versions, however, reek of bandwagondom and idiocy. The below shirt at least makes sense – it's hideous, but makes no bones about the two teams which it supports. But what's the appeal for wearing a Rangers crest adorned with a Flyers message? There is none.

Screen shot 2011-05-31 at 4.00.08 PM

Did the eagle drop deuces all over the "P," or what?

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28 Responses

  1. Hate these shirts. It’s the sports apparel version of the “mash-up” that so many DJs seem to love. (And incidentally, I’ve never met anyone who likes the mash-up, either). Appalling.

  2. Awesome Post! Go buy a jersey to support your team and not some fucking stupid “ill” shirt that has nothing to do with sports. God I hate assholes that wear those things

  3. ha. Out of all of these, the Broad Street Bullies one by far makes the least sense.
    Wasn’t that shirt once made by your partner, Philly Phaithful? Perhaps you should ask them. Maybe I am confusing it, but I am very certain that it was made by one of the big Philadelphia sports “ironic” t-shirt companies.

  4. im sick of your hatred of the ill shirts, its more of im from philly thing and im reppin my city. now go ahead and cut on the other stuff but stop cutting on my ill shirt man

  5. dude can someone link me to one of the posts about the ill shirts – i own one, think its dope, and regularly get compliments on it. How man cities have “ill” in it – also a reference to “Illadelph Halflife…” – one of the best hip hop albums ever. Nothing wrong with the Ill shirts IMO – but perhaps I could be swayed, would love to read what CB had to say about it regardles…

  6. After doing some research, I have some findings.
    The origin of much of this madness:
    Wait, I was wrong. Ask Cheesesteak Tees about the Flyers/Rangers abomination. Actually, conduct a full scale interview of all these awful combinations. Phillies and A’s. Okay, I get it. Phillies and Mets? What? Phillies and Yankees? What does that mean? Rocky and Notre Dame? Um? And why is Ben Franklin dressed like Batman? I so confused.
    Do not click unless you want your head to explode:
    Some good stuff here, otherwise, I just don’t get it:

  7. It is everything in my being not escort people wearing that Bullies/Rangers hybrid abomination out of the Well when I see it at games. I hope these idiots never walk up to the alumni wearing that crap.
    Fail of the highest order.

  8. I have one of the Rangers/Flyers shirts and I wear it to turn heads. I see it as a sign of disrespect to Rangers fans by plastering our colors and “Broadstreet Bullies” on it. I thought it was hilarious.
    I also have two “ill” shirts, one with Flyers colors, one with Phillies colors, and that’s because I smoke a lot of weed and found it relating to the “illadelph” brand. Now when I see it on the OC boardwalk, I just shake my head.
    I think they’re all great and fun. How many other teams have this many different style shirts that are worn at the stadium. The “P” and the old “P” and the “Phillies” script all get tiresome after seeing it everywhere. It’s a nice change.
    If you want to call me a bandwagon fan based on what shirts I wear, go right ahead and sit on your invisible high horse. I’ll stick to wearing all the different Phillies and Flyers memorabilia, along with my Ryan Howard jersey, Eric Lindros jersey, 4 jersey shirts, and 4 Eagles jerseyhs just so I don’t look like a cartoon character every day, wearing the same shit.

  9. When I see team parody shirts, like that Yankees one, I see it as more of a fuck you to the rival team. And I’m ok with that.

  10. Sounds like you’re just upset that these shirt guys are making more money that you are writing for some bad blog. I’d bet that you’re not even from Philadelphia. Get a real job!

  11. These shirts are a hell of a lot better than your “partner” site with the “Crosby/Cry” shirt using a clip art penguin and the horrible “Enter the beard” design. Looks like they hired a 3rd grader for their art director.

  12. Ha I actually like the combo Phillies/Flyers logo shirt on the right….recently got the dark navy blue one with the Phillies/Flyer logo colors being the American flag…for my brother because he is in the Army and he LOVES the Flyers and likes the Phils…so since it’s offseason he can rep both the Flyers and Phills…and atleast it makes sense and isn’t blatantly obvious or stupid like making a CLiff Lee jersy in orange and black…that makes no sense…this one atleast does and I think it’s kinda unique….as for the Bullies Rangers shirt …I didn’t get that when I saw it online in the first place…I guess I can kinda understanding disrespecting the Rangers but to me it’s just more like us trying to be the Rangers…which disgusts me on every level…so I say no thanks to that…I don’t wanna where anything that remotely resembles Rangers stuff! Why would we degrade ourselves by putting our nickname on a RAngers (RANGERS?!!!) logo!

  13. I agree with most above and have no problem with these shirts. I’d much rather buy a shirt from some local guy then send more money to Nike/Majestic.

  14. they’re great. I’d rather see some “douchebag” wearing philadelphia sports apparel than an abercrombie and fitch tshirt or a yankees hat.

  15. people who are insecure about other people wearing these kinds of shirts are insecure about their fanhood.
    there are plenty of those tshirts i’d never wear (Cliff Lee in orange). But hell, your complaining about people wearing clothes representing philadelphia sports.
    If your perfect world is everyone walking about in Kobe and Lebron tshirts, stillers 6 ring shirts, yankees hats (as said above), ovechkin tshirts and Iverson detroit jerseys; that’s not the world I want.

  16. Look, Everyone who is bashing this article and the moron who wrote it should relax. He made it pretty obvious that he’s not from Philadelphia and doesn’t really care for the city and it’s fans. The fact that he went into a store, took photos of these shirts, uploaded them and wrote this post shows that he is lacking in content to write about and is most likely jealous of the people/stores that are making/selling them. I agree with Nick, get laid, get a real job and move back to whatever suburb you’re from.

  17. All this talk of shirts (Philly shirts nonetheless) really makes me want to stop reading this fuckin blog. Kyle, I hope this clues you in that while your opinions on actual sports news is normally somewhat funny, nobody gives a shit about what you think of t-shirts. Your writing always makes you seem like a condescending prick, but ripping on shirts makes you seem like a shallow douche on top of that. I get laid. I have an awesome job. North Wales sucks, but the rent is cheap. I’m not telling you to change your entire approach, it would be foolish of me to think a guy like you would actually listen, but for the sake of your readers’ opinions of you, lay off the damn fashion news.

  18. As the creator of the Rangers/Bullies combo, the idea did exactly what I had intended to do for us – I made a tester based on an idea that such a thought would anger Rangers fans in town. As one of the only companies in this business that has a physical store, we have “issues” when opposing teams come to town.
    A squad of dudes and their one Ranger-fan friend walked in the shop. Ranger-fan takes one look at the shirt, and says (I quote), “Yo, fu-…what the…whatever,” and walked out. Two of his friends bought the shirt, and all went to the game together.
    Dude couldn’t take a joke.
    The rest, as they say…

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