Bernard Hopkins Makes Me Absolutely Sick

I hope Jean Pascal (right) does this to B-Hop (left) a thousand times next Saturday.

I tried to keep my mouth shut for the better part of the past three years, because Bernard Hopkins is a native Philadelphian and I've tried relentlessly to support him. He also seems like the kind of guy who would find and annihilate me if I wrote something negative about him.

But when someone speaks publicly with the ignorance, carelessness, and classlessness the way that Hopkins has, I can only stay mum for so long. The fact is this: When he opens his mouth, Bernard Hopkins is a fucking disgrace.

Yesterday, while in Philadelphia for his fight against Jean Pascal on May 21st, Hopkins took another opportunity to rip former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb for absolutely no reason. In the past, Hopkins has questioned McNabb's ability and his heart when it came to the game of football. This time, he went completely overboard, implying that the quarterback isn't black enough.

"Forget this," Hopkins said, pointing to his own dark skin. "He's got a suntan. That's all."


Um…no. That's not all. (Is it ever?) Marcus Hayes' piece for the Daily News insinuated that no one had ever asked about McNabb during Hopkins' media-invited training session. Instead, someone asked about Michael Vick and Hopkins took the opportunity to connect the dots back to the former Birds quarterback. Hayes elaborates further:

Yesterday, unprovoked, Hopkins fired again and again, using as ammunition McNabb's 2007 interview with HBO's "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel," in which McNabb addressed the problems for black quarterbacks in the NFL.

"He goes on HBO and talks about [being] black. He was right, but it was the wrong messenger. He was right, but [he doesn't] represent that," Hopkins said. "The only reason he spoke was because he felt betrayed: 'I thought I was one of y'all's guys. I thought I was the good one. Y'all told me this.'


First of all, if it's not abundantly clear here, Hopkins is compeltely out of line and his remarks are unjustified and partially inaccurate. If you read the entire piece from Hayes, you'll see that "Hopkins' time line is a bit skewed, since the Eagles traded McNabb three seasons after the HBO interview". People, the fucking interview was four years ago! McNabb was traded last April, and this moron is still ripping him when no one is even talking or asking about him. 

That leads to this question, B-Hop… why the fuck do you care so much about Donovan McNabb? He hasn't done anything to you. He hasn't provoked you. He had "no comment" about what you said yesterday. (Although I kinda wish he had made a comment that sounded a whole lot like "Fuck off.") So what the hell is your problem?

Hrmmm… well maybe it's this. This following excerpt is a piece from the Moving the Chains blog on June 25, 2009. The day before this was written, Hopkins appeared with Howard Eskin and Ike Reese on WIP. As Hopkins was making negative comments about McNabb for the third time, Eskin confronted him about why he thought the comments were being made in the first place.

Per Eskin, Hopkins once went to an Eagles practice, and while McNabb said hello to the ex-middleweight champ, Hopkins felt like the Birds' QB blew him off a little bit and has held a grudge ever since.

Hopkins denied Eskin's theory, but when he recalled the situation, it certainly sounded like McNabb rubbed him the wrong way when they crossed paths.

"When I did go to the NovaCare Center with my team, was he like everybody else? Like the rest of the players? Was he giving us respect, giving everybody respect, my trainer, myself and all that, just coming over, sign this, sign that or whatever? No, he sort of ran into a little room and locked the door and came out every now and then to peak his head out to see if we left yet," Hopkins said. "But that just tells you he's not a social guy."


Okay B-Hop… so the guy didn't hold a 20-minute conversation with you when you visited NovaCare and you're still upset? Who the hell cares? It doesn't mean he doesn't respect you. Thus the blatant disrespect that you have shown him publicly, which reached a whole new and painfully ridiculous level yesterday, is a crock of shit.

He can deny Eskin's theory all he wants but after three years of failing to keep Donovan McNabb's name out of his mouth, it's more than clear that he's bitter about something. So at this point, he should just be honest about what exactly that is or he should leave McNabb alone for good.

All that comes out of this is the fact that B-Hop looks like a jackass (again). And he hasn't limited his ignorance and big mouth to all things Donovan-related. He said this about Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather back in November as the two tried to agree to a fight.

"Floyd Mayweather would beat Manny Pacquiao because the styles that African-American fighters — and I mean, black fighters from the streets or the inner cities — would be successful," said Hopkins, according to "I think Floyd Mayweather would pot-shot Pacquiao and bust him up in between the four-to-five punches that Pacquiao throws and then set him up later on down the line."


That's odd, then why is it practically consensus that Mayweather is ducking the opportunity to fight Pacquiao? Maybe Mayweather isn't so sure that the zero in his loss column will be there after 12 rounds? Pacquiao doesn't seem scared at all. In fact, B-Hop, why don't you just fight him instead?

I'm not done, either.

How about the Jean Pascal rematch on May 21st… the first time the two met in December, it was ruled a draw. However just or unjust it was doesn't matter when you consider what Hopkins shared with the media yesterday. Marcus Hayes, the floor is yours once again.

Hopkins also revealed that, after their news conference in Montreal in March, in which the pair scuffled a bit, Hopkins did not return the belts after Pascal jokingly handed them to him during the media sessions. Hopkins said he brought them back through customs and they are in his Center City condominium; he looks at them every morning when he rises to train.


Wait… B-Hop took his belts? Bernard Hopkins took belts home with him that he didn't win? An act like that is fraudulent and classless. Pascal's smug factor is partially to blame, too, but Hopkins is in possession of two titles he did not earn, which is sickening considering the fantastic career he has had where he has earned so many others the honest way.

I used to respect Bernard Hopkins. I was proud of him as a fighter, I was honored that he is a native Philadelphian, and I enjoyed watching his work. Having said that, I enjoy nothing about the way he has carried himself in recent years. He is putting an ugly mark on a once-spectacular reputation. A boxer communicates best with his gloves and with his talent.

The recent actions of Bernard Hopkins outside of the ring have involved neither of those things…

…and it's a fucking shame.


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  1. Dude….you are spot fucking on. Leave the guy alone. Also, Rich….I agree with you. What an embarassment. Is this just to keep his name in the news?

  2. Hopkins is trash. You can take the kid outta the slums but can’t take the slums outta the kid. McNabb may not have ever won the big one here and maybe he didn’t endear himself to the fan base but he ALWAYS handled himself with class. B-Hop is an ignorant thug who, even at the old age of 46 still can’t leave the streets behind him.
    You’re a GROWN ASS MAN Bernard, and street cred is still a top priority for you? You’re almost 50 bro…give it up.
    On a side note, Pac-Man would destroy him and his little bitch protégée Mayweather.
    Nice article Kyle

  3. There’s an old saying ‘arguing with a fool only makes two fools’…Hopkins believes his ridiculousness so thoroughly that there is no point in trying to reason it, nor understand it. Probably the result of purposedly getting punched in the head for 46 years. He should have stuck to the promise he gave his mom before she passed and stopped boxing 5 years ago…

  4. Watching Donnie throw TD passes to T.O. was the most beautiful thing these eyes have ever seen.

  5. You don’t own a title when you have the hardware. I mean, come on. If I buy Olympic Gold, that does not mean I am a gold medal Olympian. It just means I own an Olympic gold medal. Come on now.

  6. You guys all act like this isn’t the case for like 90% of the boxers out there. They all talk shit, they all have the braggadocio, they all think they are the best ever, and they are all stupid as fuck from being beat in the head for years. Hopkins is no different from anyone else.
    Muhammad Ali was one of the most controversial, and – to some – ignorant people in the history of boxing. He made many a remark that could be deemed arrogant at best, or straight up rude, ignorant, or even racist at worst.
    My point isn’t that Muhammad Ali was a bad person, my point is that Muhammad Ali was a boxer, and that’s what (a majority of them) do. This shouldn’t be news to you…
    Doesn’t matter what’s said out of the ring, it matters what happens in the ring. Hopkins has 51 wins, 5 losses, 2 draws, and 1 ND over his career, and is boxing superbly into his mid- (and now late-) 40s.
    Is he an idiot? Yes
    It the McNabb hate warranted? No
    Is he racist? Quite possibly
    Do I care? NO!
    The man is a boxer, not a member of a political think tank. I could give a shit less about his world views, what he thinks of McNabb, who’s belt he stole, or anything else. The man gets paid to box, and he does it as good as and/or better than a good majority of the other boxers in his weight class(es)… at 46 years old.
    Bottom line: who gives a shit what he thinks of McNabb? Aren’t you essentially doing the same thing you are railing on him for? Has he done anything to you to provoke this? “So what the hell is your problem”?
    The only difference is, it is your job (or at least hobby… not sure what your position on this blog is) to attack and pass judgments on athletes (who haven’t done anything to you, and who haven’t provoked you), and then pass those judgments onto us, the people (which you are doing fairly well). It is Hopkins’ job to knock other people out (which HE does quite well). I don’t look to Hopkins for his witty quips and nuggets of wisdom, just as I don’t look to you to knock out Oscar De La Hoya.
    You don’t understand Hopkins’ hate for McNabb, I don’t really understand your hate for Hopkins…
    Besides, since when are we in the business of being McNabb apologists? Aside from the race related comments mentioned in this article, has he said anything about McNabb that everyone else already hasn’t (not clutch, overrated, etc… etc…)? The race related comments were definitely out of line, but, again: WHO CARES!?

  7. And to NickFromGermantown
    You are absolutely right… you don’t own a title just because you bought or stole the hardware…
    However, he’s a former undisputed middleweight champion, and defended all 4 major belts successfully in the same match. He defended his undisputed middleweight title 6 times, and defended his individual middleweight titles 20 times (a record).
    Over his career, he’s beat Oscar De La Hoya, Roy Jones Jr. (this one, admittedly, was a joke), Jermaine Taylor, Antonio Tarver, Felix Trinidad, and a wide array of others.
    Stealing the belt was a dick move, but I highly doubt that he considers that “owning the title”. He knows he’ll have to earn it, he probably is just enjoying being a dick, and getting this reaction out of everyone (Jean Pascal included).
    With all that being said… Do I love B-Hop? Absolutely not. I just don’t understand why everyone is all of a sudden so up in arms about a boxer being a dick (read: a boxer being a boxer).

  8. This is what a fake-ass journalist looks like when they’re trying to talk about real sports and not glorified exercising.

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