Buffalo Mayor Makes Good on Worst Bet Ever

Nothing like a couple of brothas making a hockey bet. Here's Buffalo mayor Biron Brown wearing a Flyers hat while serving food at the Salvation Army yesterday. Mayor Nutter, to do his part, read to students in Philly… sans Sabres hat.

Hop it for the worst news story of all time.


5 Responses

  1. shot at Versteeg there? interesting, considering the undisputed ultimate embarrassment would be for him to sport a Richards jersey at a charity event with Tim Connolly

  2. i enjoy the fact that his name is Biron, considering marty biron played for both teams

  3. Nothing worse than white hockey writers throwing ‘brotha’ out there like they’re hip or something…
    And the Biron thing is awesome!

  4. Technically, that should be “brutha”. But hey, why quibble over small stuff.

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