Charlie Manuel Would Like You to Boo Jayson Werth, Please

Manuel_werth_tweetHe also said Chase Utley is close to a rehab stint and Jimmy Rollins will bat leadoff tonight.

Game time: 7:05. Keep the batteries at home.

Here's some video of Werth pre-game, courtesy of Ryan Lawrence and the Delco Times.


8 Responses

  1. Hahaha good sportsmanship from Werth at his first at bat. Glad to hear more cheers than booses and that he didn’t get a hit. I wonder if he missed Hamels’ triple on purpose as a thankyou to everyone, couse you’d think all that time in CBP right field that’d be an easy snagger.

  2. Great game to be at tonight. Section 106 was killing it with “Werthless” chants towards the end of the game, but as what IGM said – it was good to see some cheers when he did walk out to his position in the bottom of the first.

  3. Oh! Frankenfurters. Why didn’t you say that. Or at least put a hot in front of the dog. I was beginning to think it was another Vick crime.
    Nah. I’m a bangers and mash guy when it comes to meats stuffed into a caysing.

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