Chase Utley Batting Second Tonight

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14 Responses

  1. I immediately thought “Well, that’s almost exciting.”
    Then I saw your caption and chuckled a bit.
    Honestly though, I’m hoping that Chase kicks a little life into the bunch. Looking at that list, there’s no excuses for not getting some production.

  2. All these players are capable of hitting. I think we see some honest-to-God patience at the plate from J-Roll.

  3. I think the problem with this team starts at the top…. Jimmy Rollins is one tenth the player he was his MVP year. All he is anymore is a 7 hole hitter, great fielder, dont get me wrong he can still play D… b/c of this i have given rollins the PERFECT nickname, Momentum Killer! Runners on 1st and 2nd, 1 out, rollins hits the DP. Runner on 3rd one out, Rollins first pitch swinging pops out to a middle infielder. Its time we start either moving rollins(after shane gets back) and also start molding a replacement

  4. There’s no question that Rollins is the king of pop-ups and weak ground balls, but I don’t think his defense is really all that great anymore either. He still makes the standard plays but if you watch him, you’ll see that he really doesn’t charge the balls like he used to, waiting for the ball to come to him. I was at the game on Thursday and there were a couple plays where he waited back on the ball and by the time he got the throw to first, the batter was safe.
    He’s really declined rapidly since 2007 and he can’t even blame health anymore. He was never a perfect leadoff hitter anyway, but it’s tough to argue that he even belongs anywhere but the bottom third of the lineup. It’s sort of sad.

  5. are they just not ready to put chase in the 3 hole? its not like Polanco is killing it there.
    Polanco is the best “hitter” on the team, he belongs in the 2

  6. also of note: the person who writes in the names in the lineup was born to do that job.

  7. @Matt – I think they just wanted to bat Raul 5th tonight and moving Utley to 2nd means they don’t have 3 lefites in a row. Reds only have 1 lefty reliever though and it’s not Chapman, so that shouldn’t be a concern this series. Chooch hitting 6th instead of 7th or 8th for probably the same reason – to break up Raul and Brown.

  8. When everyone gets healthy a lineup of Victorino/Utley/Polanco/Howard/Ibanez/Rollins/Brown/Chooch would look really good compared to what they’ve been sending out there so far.

  9. I’m excited to see both Mayberry and Brown in the game along with Chase. This should be a fun game to watch if Hamels is his usual self against the Reds.

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