Chris Pronger Will Have Back Surgery Tomorrow

Chris_prongerSoure: Zimbio

Howard Eskin was right. Chris Pronger will have back surgery tomorrow.

After getting tested on Tuesday for a herniated disc, it was revealed on Wednesday that the 16-year veteran will need surgery and will likely need a little longer than six weeks to recover.

General manager Paul Holmgren said that Pronger will have a discectomy — or removal of the herniated disc — in New York at The Hospital for Special Surgery.


Richards and Meszaros both had successful surgery today.


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  1. Kyle,
    I like your writing. I like your site. I like the news you put up.
    Please get off Howard Eskin’s dick. Yeah, the Flyers don’t talk about injuries. They flat out lie. Eskin has a source who tells him what’s going on.
    But he’s not God. You could have left the “Eskin was right” out of this post. We know. Eskin knows the injuries.

  2. … I don’t get it?
    It seems that site is only to vote on players into your own Hall of Fame? I don’t really understand it or the relevance to my post.
    Can you enlighten me?

  3. do we know when the surgery is? god im gonna be freaking out all day tomorrow hoping it goes well.

  4. Herniated disks aren’t big deals these days. Hell, I got more metal than bone keeping my back together now, and that doesn’t slow me shaggin the hoo-ers down any.
    And JT, what the f*ck is your point? Stay off Laddie-Boy’s dick yerself. This is a rare time where Kyle-Boy is actually doing good. Believe you me, if Boyo was being bitchie, I’d let him know about it.

  5. Thank god for Howard Eskin’s twitter account.
    It’s not news that hockey injuries are concealed. I guess Lavs and Holmgren should have personally faxed the Bruins a copy of Pronger’s x-ray, or better yet, just stitch a bullseye to the back of his ‘sweater’.

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