Chris Wheeler Shows Tom McCarthy How It’s Done

As if the game wasn't weird enough, Chris Wheeler took it to a whole new level.

When trying to answer the night's trivia question, Wheels couldn't remember the name of the answer (Pedro Astacio), but he certainly could recall the movement he did on the mound.

Are we sure this was on the mound?

The .gif is after the jump.



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  1. Kyle, seriously, why the FUCK are we made to put up with that fucking asswipe?? HOW THE FUCK DOES HE HAVE A JOB?? He’s the fucking WORST!!

  2. LOL @Deezy! We need to make a collection with this, the interview with Freeman and that Sarge classic “Jerk Off the Ball”! Sooo much to be proud of as a Philly fan!

  3. After tonight’s game, the weather (which involves Mother Nature taking a long, drunken piss on Upstate NY), and this video, I honestly feel like I can’t be awake. This must be a dream. It really couldn’t be THAT screwed up of a night.

  4. Kyle’s decent as a middle relief, otherwise eh…. But it wouldn’t have mattered if he went the whole game and only let up 2 runs, we still would have lost.

  5. Wheels is bad, but not as bad as McCarthy.
    The anemic offense and McCarthy’s nonstopjawboning have me turning off the games for the first time in my life. Upgrade the offense, upgrade the broadcasting team. It makes it worse to know that LA and Franzke are exiled to radio.

  6. If there’s going to be a change, they need to fire the TV guys and hire new ones and leave radio alone. I spend my summers working in the yard, in the garage, on the car, just sitting outside, etc. listening to LA and Franzke on the radio. If I end up having to listen to McCarthy while I do that, I’m going to “trip and fall” off my roof.

  7. i’ll never understand the wheels hate. he’s the best in the booth, unbelievable memory haha

  8. Can somebody please start a petition to REMOVE these two IDIOTS???? Would a petition even work?? Wheels is clearly showing here what he does to everyone to keep his job…

  9. I personally hate Tom McCarthy more than Wheels. Wheels used to be ok with Kalas, but since McCarthy took over he’s slipped a bit, no pun intended. Go to and share your thoughts so maybe we can get this idiot fired once and for all.

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