Game 3 Breakdown: That Was a Total Disgrace

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I don’t really know what to say. That was as close to a total team collapse as you will ever see.

The goaltending? Terrible.

The defense? Lazy.

The offense? Uninspired.

The play of Kris Versteeg sums up the night pretty well. Towards the end of the first period, Versteeg, instead of advancing the puck to the neutral zone, tried to dance his way around the Flyers' blue line and got laid out by Daniel Paille. Like the kind of hit you see in squirt hockey, where the moms cower in horror and the coach suggests the player moves down to the “B” squad. It was at the same spot, in the second period, where Versteeg attempted to gain the Bruins’ blue line. Attempted is the key word here. He was surrounded by two Bruins and lazily pushed (that’s a kind word) the puck to them. No dump, no chase, no effort. That’s how the team looked last night. They played mid-November hockey. That doesn’t cut it in the playoffs.

The goaltending, as per the usual, was terrible. At this point, I’m not even sure if you can blame Boucher or Bob (or even Leighton). They are what they are. For 20 years now the Flyers have failed to acquire a top goaltender. Instead, they rely on mediocrity. Their goalies don’t lose games (most of the time), but they don’t win them, either. It’s like they have two Joe Blantons in net. They’ll get adequate, sometimes about average efforts that will allow them to win more games than they lose, but every once in a while a team needs a Roy Halladay game- literally, a 1-0 win. In case you’re keeping score at home, that hasn’t happened all year.

Hop it for Ed Snider’s comments – you know it’s bad when the Chairman chimes in – and Lavs’ presser.

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On if the Flyers can come back from an 0-3 deficient if they regain confidence…

It’s a really difficult thing to do and they would be the first team in history to do it two years in a row.


On the Philadelphia goaltender being pulled so many times in the playoffs…

I don’t have an opinion. The coach is making a decision and I think I have no qualms with the decisions that he’s made. He’s doing everything in his power to win.


On if there is enough goaltending within the Flyers organization to win a championship…

You know, the season’s not over and we’ll evaluate everything when the season is over.


On if this is the craziest situation he has ever seen in regards to changing goaltenders…

It’s unusual. That’s all I can say. It’s unusual but I don’t think it’s wrong. I think it’s something that had to be done and I think the coach has done a good job deciding what he’s going to do and when he’s going to do it.


On if it is too much to expect the team to rally from 0-3 deficits in two straight years…

It’s an awful lot to expect and Boston is playing very well and we’re going to have to step up our game in order to compete with them.


On if he is seeing a lack of urgency in the way his team is playing…

No, I don’t think there’s a lack of urgency, I just think that Boston is playing very well and maybe we weren’t quite as prepared as we should have been for what they did at the beginning of the game.


On the Bruins playing a style of hockey similar to the Flyers to start the game…

Well we did the same thing to them in the last game, scored two quick goals. Not that quick, but pretty quick and they came back and scored two in the second period. We’ve had trouble scoring against their goalie, who’s played extremely well. We’ve had a lot of chances and, I don’t know, I think this guy [Tim Thomas] has maybe stopped 80 shots in a row or something like that. I don’t know, but he’s playing extremely well.


On if he thought the team was deflated after going down 2-0 in the start of the game…

I don’t think the team got deflated. I think we out shot them for the rest of the game. We had great opportunities. We played well. I don’t think they were deflated at all. They kept trying and just couldn’t put the puck in the next enough times.


On how closely he will be watching the team to see if there is any fight in them in Game Four…

Well I thought there was a fight tonight. I don’t think they quit. They kept playing. They played hard, but unfortunately we didn’t score enough goals to make a difference. But, I never would think this team doesn’t fight. It fights always. It’s shown that throughout. It came back from a 3-2 deficit going into Buffalo, won two in a row, won that series. Last year we showed fight throughout the playoffs. Very much the same squad so I have a lot of faith in these guys, they’re not going to ever quit.




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  1. Not sure what game Holmgren was watching because I sure a hell didn’t see any fight in the Flyers.

  2. Another year another joke.
    This team won’t win until ownership changes the makeup of the whole organization. It’s not 1975 anymore. From the God Bless America duet, to the makeup of the roster will all these goons, the ownership loves to think they can muscle their way to a Cup. The Bullies are long gone. Goons like Carcillo and Shelley shouldn’t even be in the NHL, let alone in a playoff series seeing ice time in the final minutes of a game or OT (see game 2).
    Kyle, you couldn’t have said it any better. These goalies they have had for the past 10+ years don’t lose games, but they dont win them either.
    Hopefully this series is a wakeup call to the owner and GM that its time to change the makeup of the team.

  3. the makeup of the roster will all these goons
    Mike – That is a ridiculous statement. They have a diverse roster with lots of team speed, and at forward, are still pretty young. Their effort sucked last night, but it was plays like the ones Versteeg made mentioned above that lost the game. And, as stated above, they need a goalie that can make up for their d-zone coverage mistakes from time to time. If the goalie makes a big, in your face, glove save on Chara last night, it’s a momentum changer. They don’t have that in goal right now.

  4. The Bruins are outmuscling the flyers in every aspect of the game and they have a solid goaltender so I don’t think the Carcillo Shelley point is valid…even though they suck ass. This Flyers team is so soft it makes me sick and it starts with their fraud captain. Give the “C” to Giroux or JVR.

  5. Snider looked like he was choking back the vomit in his mouth–like the rest of us who watched that mess last night! Right from the drop of the puck the Flyers just couldn’t keep up with the intensity level that boston came out with. Now I’m left wishing for a “Miracle”

  6. Mike, I’m just going to point out that we don’t have a team that is built like the 75 team. We have only one enforcer, as does every team, and two agitators, which are considered valuable throughout the league and both of them Hartnell and Carcillo have scored big goals in the playoffs and have played very well. I will also point out that just because we have a physical team doesn’t mean that they are goons and the fact that we have more 20 goal scorers on the team than any other team in the nhl pretty much disproves your point. The team simply won’t win championships with sub-par goaltending especially when Pronger is out and no one else will clear the porch in front of them.

  7. The Flyers overall play last night was embarrassing to the city of brotherly love. It was lazy, disenchanted, and they are NOT (mark my words) getting back into this series. They may win one game (I highly doubt it) but they will make history. This team looks empty and out of gas. Its so sad.
    Kyle, your point about goalies not losing games but surely are not winning any is on point and you should def. trademark that. It has been the Flyers MO between the pipes for decades.
    Look at Niemi over in SJ, working his way towards another Cup final….we could have had him. Either way. This team will mirror the Eagles (good but never great) until they address the areas of the game that are critical, and by placing the very best they can find into those positions.
    SAD SAD SAD….my beard is coming off within a week, just sucks.
    -Another depressed post-season Flyers fan.

  8. Good thing we didn’t sign Niemi in the off season like we could of once Chicago walked away from arbitration like I said we should of. Of course that is before we knew Leighton wasn’t disclosing his injury so he could sign the fat contract (fat for him at least).
    Question is where do we go from here regarding goaltending? obviously you keep Bob as a back up to give him more time to develop, but do you try to trade leights for another goalie? I don’t think you sign Boosh because (as much as I hate to say it) he has been god awful this year in the playoffs.
    Can’t blame the goaltending 100%, but leadership has been completely missing the second half of the season as well as all of the playoffs. Mike Richards,where have you vaporized to?

  9. As much as I love Boosh, he is never going to lead anyone to a Stanley Cup, he’s an average goalie, and he’s a career back-up. I’m praying that he retires and that Leighton is never heard from again. There’s some goalies in the market that we need to look into signing in the off-season. If we don’t make a big change in net then next season is hardly even worth watching because we’ll be setting ourselves up for failure again. And that’s coming from a die-hard lifetime Flyers fan maniac. By the way. Richards doesn’t deserve the “C” anymore, the best play he made all playoffs was a hooking call to keep someone from scoring an empty netter last night. Give the C to Giroux and an A to JVR, 2 guys on the team who always look like they care. By the way, if they don’t re-sign Zherdev because Lavs doesnt like him im gonna flip shit.

  10. RE: Mike
    You sound like a complete clown and what an outsider would call a “typical” Philly fan. Ownership does not need to change the entire make up of this team. They are young and extremely skilled. One of the most skilled teams in the NHL. The problem is obviously goaltending. Carcillo and Shelley had 0 to do with the way this series went. Get a grip.

  11. I for one am fine with the makeup of the team just the way it is, though I wouldn’t be heartbroken if Mike Richards was relieved of his captaincy. A top flight goaltender might not solve all the Flyers’ ills, but having one would damn sure make life a whole lot easier. The neglect this front office has shown towards netminders over the last two plus decades has bordered on criminal at times, given how they reluctantly spend pennies on the position while lavishing millions on fourth line centers. Until this foolish philosophy on goalies changes, neither will our fortunes. Period!

  12. For everyone who says “it’s not 1975 anymore”, you’re right: that team had a #1 goalie, 2 hall of famers on the top line/powerplay, balanced scoring throughout the lineup and a solid defense

  13. Boosh is gone and should have started his last game with the orginazation last night. Thanks for the memories but its time to move on. Bob should start Game 4 just to give him the experience and pray that the team shows up and plays D. Sign a franchise goalie over the summer and get Bob 25 starts next year. The only other roster moves I’d make are to resign ville and say good by to Kris-you-jinxd-us-please-go-away-Versteeg.
    This was a lost year / opportunity for so many reasons. And this series was an OT goal and a bad 64 seconds away from being a real war. Despite the breakdowns and letdows I think the team had a very good year and left a lot to be proud of as a fan. But we will fall 12 wins from the cup versus 1 from last year.
    Oh, and I will enjoy watching the Bruins flail over TBs 1-3-1 stifling play. The flyers could have used a little bit more strategy on D all year. I still don’t understand how we didn’t have the lowest Goals Against this year. But I guess it aleays comes back to goal tending as it always seems to here in Philly.
    Go Flyers!

  14. Calling Dr. Kevorkian, calling Dr. Kevorkian …please report to the Wells Fargo Center…stat

  15. @mike
    They barely play physical at all anymore Laviolette preaches speed and finesse so those days have been long gone. However I do agree that forever it was a joke and they still don’t understand how to evaluate goaltenders on a scouting level.

  16. The Flyers had too many cap issues to go out and acquire a top flight goalie last offseason, so I can understand why they didn’t. But they should at least give Bob a chance, or even less, just the experience, instead of giving up on him after he lost one game. Boucher’s just awful, which is why he’s never won a cup on his own.
    And i used to love Mike Richards, but this postseason has really taken away my respect for him. From not even showing up in key games, to taking pitiful chances, to general laziness (the whole team) and to those stupid ass hats he wears.
    Pronger needs to play through his pain. Its not like he has his career to worry about at this point, so he might as well go out there and try to win.
    But the team just looks like they should play for a JV high school squad. They look like they dont even try anymore. How many failed clearing attempts have we had? How many of those have lead to goals? Even worse, how many of those have lead to goals that lost us the game? Win a game and play to look respectable, thats all you need right now. Then worry about winning more; stop with the absolutely pathetic looking play.

  17. @danooo “C” to Briere, A’s to Giroux, Pronger (until he’s gone), JVR or Mezaros.

  18. I agree that Briere is much more deserving of the C than Giroux. Giroux is still too green.
    @dino – Nobody is going to trade for the Big Bear. Nobody want’s him or they could have picked him up on waivers during the season.

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