Goodbye, Vanimal


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  1. I don’t want to be cliche, but do we really think that RecSpecs is worse than Cheeseburger Joe or the Kendrickorn? Come on now.
    Or Baez?
    Or ROMERO???
    Good grief.

  2. Nick, it’s not that we think Worley is worse than the players you mentioned, but they want to keep him used to a starter’s role which he cannot get at the moment with the Phils. Blanton is getting paid a lot of money to be the 5th starter, so they are not going to move him out of the rotation. Moving Worley down just assures he prepares as a starter all season long. He can then also step in for the Phillies in a pinch.

  3. The cynic in me would suggest one reason Worley was sent down was because he doesn’t make a fraction as much money as Blanton, Baez, Romero or Kendrick, thus making him the odd man out from a financial standpoint. Still, as fresh had said, at least “Specs” will get in plenty of work with the Iron Pigs until he’s needed again with the big club.

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