Help a CB Reader Win

Today is going to be a slow day. It's the last day before a holiday weekend, there are very few people actually working hard – that includes PR folks, sports writers, and bloggers… and the beach is calling my name.

Here's an email I got from reader Bryan Vagnarelli. He wants to win the My PHL 17 perfect combo contest, the one you've seen advertised during games. I believe he gets like $250 to the Majestic Clubhouse Store if he wins. Not bad.

Yo crossing broad, 

Ive been a huge fan of the site and i check it everyday. This is my first time emailing you guys and i dont know what if anything you can do but i entered the PHL17 perfect combo contest and i got picked for the top 40 and now it goes to the voting part of the contest. Our photo is of me and my 3 friends dressed as rocky, kalas, ben franklin, and the phanatic. We actually got the oppurtunity to get on the dugout with the real Phanatic during the 7th inning stretch of the 2009 opening day game. That opportunity was definetly a bucket list moment. So what i was wanted to ask is if you guys could possibly post something to help get us some votes, if not i understand but i just thought i would ask. Keep up the good work

We are #16 – Bryan Vagnarelli



If you have a few minutes, pop over to My PHL 17's site and vote for photo number 16. Help Bryan win (you can see all of the contestants here).

See that, readers helping readers. Or… bloggers mailing it in. Whatever the case, help Bryan.


10 Responses

  1. Done. Good Luck Bryan. Hope that you win.
    Kyle, that was really nice of you to do this. You really are a good guy!

  2. that was the best one too, would have lost if saw one of a lonely dude sitting on his coffee table watching a playoff game with 15 empties and a bong next to him.

  3. I voted for photo number two in hopes that the winnings will help pay for that baby’s psychotherapy in 20 years because her parents clearly have a little John Bonnett Ramsey in them.

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