If Everybody Would Please Stand Up, Remove Their Hats, and Welcome…

Tonight, a miracle begins.

Video via our friends at Philly Sports Daily


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  1. And TSN blocked Lauren & Kate for Game 2 (I watched their feed via the Internets with NHLGCL since it wasn’t on National TV). I guess they went to a commercial instead. Goddamned commie-bastard canucks! I’m sick of the oot and aboot, and the ay’s too. Those branleufing wankerers up there need to learn to speak real American.

  2. Got to go with the Original Mojo tonite (hoping for a comeback in P3 as they’re down 0-1 at 2nd Int and Richards got a major for elbowing – the refs need a major and a misconduct for stupidity, they’ve been giving the Flyers the short shrift all nite):

  3. Jeff is almost a big a fag with that comment as Kyle Scott looks in his picture…Troll. Flyers will be resurrected today on Easter.

  4. I’m puckering so hard right now I lifted my lazy-boy right off the ground with no hands.
    We’re going to Game 6 OT and with one goal, the Flyers either go home for Game 7 or go golfing.
    I still can’t get over what Lavs thinking with Leighton? The could have been heading back to The Well to prep for Tue right now if he was benched.
    I still have a bad feeling about this, and you rehashing this jinxie vid is not making it easy to handle. Thanks, Boyo.

    Live to fight another game!
    Damn, Tue is going to be awesome!
    I still think this is a jinxy vid. Flyers got lucky and overcame the jinx. Thank goodness there’ll be the real thing on Tue!

  6. Get on your knees and worship the fascist hand that feeds you. Seriously, I am tired of the nazi-esque nationalism displayed at every single sports event these days.
    The funniest part about all of it is that it is very un-American by all of the standards of the Founding Fathers.
    Kyle…why not delete this and get back to sports?

  7. ^^^
    STFU! “PP-in-FL”! (April 25, 2011 at 07:40 PM)
    You’re not compelled to stand and salute when they play this or the anthem. But you would IF THIS WAS Nazi Germany!
    Also, do you think these pro-sports games are a public venue? HELL NO. They’re a private enterprise (at least The Well and the Flyers), and they can chose to do whatever the hell they please at their place. If you don’t like it, stay the fuck away. And that, you miserable turd, is VERY AMERICAN!
    Now go fuck-off you dumb bastard. And I hope you’re not in the 33139. If you are, I’m might just come over and kick you in your dumb arse until you get some sense into you.
    Kyle, can you believe this shyte?

  8. PS, PhilsPhaninFL
    I spilt a good deal of my blood and left some of my body parts on a foreign battlefield for this country and for your right to voice your opinion, as vile as it is. And I’ll put my life on the line again if I have to just so that you can keep your right to voice your opinion, as vile as it is. Thank God we live in a country like this.
    Although, since this is a private blog, Kyle has a right to blitz you inane comments if he wants to. It’s only censorship when it’s the Government doing it. So there.

  9. PP-in-FL has driven me nuts now. If the Flyers don’t win tonite I may just go BALL-istic. Thanks, PP-in-FL. If I get put away I’m going to tell the judge it was her fault (PP-in-FL sounds like a dooshy girl)!

  10. Just to repete my point. This is Kyle’s blog and he can do what ever the hell he wants to here. NOW THAT’S AMERICAN. If you don’t like it you can go start you own blog (good luck with that cause I bet it will not only suck, but it will blow too).
    Ok. I’m bushed from my ranting, Kyle. Time to hit the whiskey. I was in a good mood before I read PP-in-FL’s comment, and hopefully the Flyers can get me back in that mood tonite. God help us all if that don’t happen now when I get all that whiskey in me. Good nite, and good luck, Laddie.

  11. Wow- I simply cue this up for road games. That being said, pplinfl, you can feel free tom get lost.

  12. YAY….we are back in this series….3-0 hole…we got them juuuuust where we want them… HA!
    This team is toast…I hate to admit it…they have no push/no emotion/no physicality…….so fucking sad.

  13. this has not worked since 75-76. yeah, the record is really good when its played, but clearly it isnt good enough in the big games.

  14. OK, yeah, f*ck this video now, Kyle. Time to bring out The Original Kate:

    No disrespect to Lauren. She just has no Mojo. Maybe she should give up her duties to a new singer…
    And by the way, the Flyers collapsed so fast there was no time for me to go BALListic. Oh well, at least they’re not as bad as the Caps (yet). Clearly the Caps have a goalie problem!
    Congrats to the Lightning. Should the Flyers not repeet last years feat, I’m rooten for them, just because I have so much respect for Gagne. He deserves to win The Cup, just like Brind’Amour deserved it when he went to the Canes. I just hope Gagne comes back from his injury to help his team in an important way.
    PS: Is it me or does Sean Bergenheim and Versteeg look like brothers separated at birth? Same number too. I wish Versteeg were playing like Bergie right now. Maybe Bergie can put on a #10 Flyers sweater and moonlight for a nice little reward on Friday nite, cause I bet the refs won’t know as long as he don’t speak. Ah, nevermind, that’s stoopid. It’s the whiskey talking, Kyle. And now it’s saying it’s time for nighty-nites, Laddie.

  15. Did the Flyers know there was a game last night? Oh well, at least I can shave now because there is no way a team that has played this badly will win 4 in a row.

  16. yo eric, if you weren’t an idiot you would realize that they don’t have to win 4 games in a row, they just have to win one game.

  17. The 2010-2011 Philadelphia Flyers quit on the playoffs….no goaltending didnt help, but they flat out quit.
    I am embarrassed to be a Flyers fan tonight…I cannot express how much I hate quitters….and this team just QUIT!

  18. Gutless. Embarrassing. This team quit.
    I guess going for the deepest blueline while still having no franchise goalie didn’t exactly pan out . . .again.
    That soft goal by Leighton on game #6 of last year’s Finals just keeps looking worse & worse. Last year was our year.

  19. P.S. Homer: Go get Jonathan Bernier. Trade Carter if you have to do so to get it done.

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