It Takes The Death of bin Laden for National Media to Portray Philly Fans in a Positive Light

Thanks, bin Laden.



Send more screenshots if you have them.

Audio from T-Mac, Sarge, and WFAN… after the jump.


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  1. I heard that now Bin laden is taken care of, the US is diverting all its resources to find the missing puck from Game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals last year

  2. And this national understanding of what it’s really like to be a Phillies fan… That the reputation we have as an unruly and poor fan base is undeserved… That, while incredibly supportive of our teams, we still live in this country and are a part of its national identity… Will be gone tonight, swept beneath the carpet like a warrant dust-bunny. One day is better than nothing, I suppose.

  3. The headline should have “Philly fans” as opposed to just “Phillies fans”

  4. in times like these are are no phillies or mets fans or any fans of any teams, in times like this we are all together as americans cheering for one common cause.

  5. I was so swept up with American Pride, that for several moments I forgot I hate the Mets and cheered side by side with both Phillies fans and Mets fans, yes the Fightins may have lost but America won

  6. First it was the game vs the USSR, now this…Philly claims heroism when shit COUNTS.

  7. Proud moment for all Americans. And of course always proud to be a Philly sports fan.

  8. Really? The Hitler of our generation was destroyed last night and this is what we’re going with? Who gives an ish what others think of us?! What’s happening to Philadelphia fans? Are we turning into little girls? Quit cryin about people not liking us! We know who we are … Take the compliment and move on! USA!

  9. Yes, Tom, I’m well aware. But this is a sports site. If we’re going to talk about, it’s going to be in a sports context. It was more of a media commentary than crying about people not liking us. Clearly you missed that.

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