Jack McCaffery Was Extremely Butt Hurt Over Chris Pronger’s Conference Call, Big Bear Surfaces, and Someone on Wikipedia is an Asshole

What happens when you take a curmudgeon reporter and put him on a conference call with a sarcastic injured defenseman? Well… um… Jack McCaffrey happens, in this article, entitled "Pronger's Old Act." I swear I thought that said "Old Back," but whatevs…

As usual, he played the it's-none-of-your-business card.

Even if there is an undercurrent of playfulness in his remark, he's wrong. He's wrong because Flyers fans, through the press, have every reason to know what it was that caused a $7.6 million defenseman to go absent at the end of a postseason.

It's their business as long as the Flyers market Chris Pronger sweaters and other merchandise. It's their business as long as tickets are being sold to watch top players, and Pronger is on his way to the Hall of Fame.


Oh Prongs, you coy son-of-a-bitch. Also, does anyone really call them sweaters anymore? 

McCaffery does have a point, though. There really is no longer a need for secrets. But that’s just Pronger’s style, one which I find rather humorous.

We’ve obtained the follow-up voicemail Jack left for Prongs which sought more information.

Hi, Chris, this is Jack again. I just called cuz it sounded like your machine might've cut me off when I, before I finished leaving my number. Anyway, uh, and, y'know, and also, sorry to call so late, but you were still at the Dresden when I left so I knew I'd get your machine. Anyhow, uh, my number's 21 - 

[the machine beeps

[Jack calls back; the machine picks up again

Jack: 213-555-4679. That's it. I just wanna leave my number. I didn't want you to think I was weird or desperate, or… we should just hang out and see where it goes cuz it's nice and, y'know, no expectations. Ok? Thanks a lot. Bye bye.



– Michael Leighton wants to be a number one goalie: [Courier Post]

On reports that he went missing after Game 7 in Buffalo:
I was injured. I didn’t go AWOL. My agent was calling me asking if I left the team. No. The one game (Game 1 against Boston) in Philadelphia I was in the locker room all game and because I wasn’t seen in the press box (it was reported) I wasn’t at the rink. That’s frustrating. When friends and family are calling me asking if I’m all right and if I need to talk, call me, it’s frustrating.

On his future with the Flyers:
I want to be here. I signed a two-year deal and was told pretty much I had the No. 1 job. This year was just a write-off for me. It’s frustrating, it’s disappointing and I need to throw it in the garbage. I have to regroup, come into camp and be the No. 1 goalie they wanted me to be this year.


Oh fuck.

– Meanwhile, Brian Boucher wants to stay with the Flyers, but the person who desecrated his Wikipedia page might have something to say about that. [via Broad Street Hockey]

Click to enlarge.


Yeah that's crossing the line.

H/T to (@dxflyers)

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10 Responses

  1. Hahahahah nice Swingers reference. “You’re so money” Hahahahah
    “Also, does anyone really call them sweaters anymore?”
    With you’re obsesshun on fashion, do you doosh you’re vasheesh everyday? I call em jersey or sweaters, depending on the moment. Must be a girlie thing to care otherwise.
    And the person who did the Wiki thing must be the same chickenshyte pussy imposter poster who’s trying to pretend to be me but is failing miserably at it.

  2. If the wiki insight, which was dead on, was under Leighton, I would have assumed you as the culprit. Poor Boosch, it’s been real…and if you do feel some force pushing you out the door, it’s the collective feet of Flyerdom making one last effort of getting it’s money out of you by kicking you in the ass.

  3. That wiki article on Boosh is horrible. Yea he might not be the best goalie in the world, but he did a pretty good job for us this year ( and over the years). He is such a nice guy and he really gives it his all! You can tell by the interview that he would like nothing more then to win a Stanley Cup for Philadelphia and I wish he would get the chance to do it.

  4. he writes or the Daily Times, who cares what he has to say. i’ve seen church bulletins that are more informative that that horrible publication.

  5. Wait, it was a conference call with hockey writers? What the hell was mccaffery doing there anyways? And the delco times?? Seriously? Let me check my birdcage for yesterday’s edition….Next you’ll say Carchidi was allowed on the call..

  6. editing wikipedia pages is cool i guess. hating on boosh is fucked, whoever did that most likely has an insignificant penis. boosh is the man.

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