Um, it's a slow day and we couldn't pass this up.

This isn't a publicity stunt for The Hangover 2.  John Bolaris claims he was roofied by two Latvian women who had bought him shots at a Miami hotel last spring.

Bolaris was at the bar when he was approached by two twenty something girls (John, you dog). The encounter quickly found its way out to the pool (like it always does), then this happened: []

Fast forward a few minutes. "We were sitting by a pool bar, and they asked if I did shots," Bolaris said. "I said no.

"One of them started rubbing me, opened my mouth, and said, 'Do [a] shot.' "

It was days before Bolaris figured out that the women had slipped him a roofie, the infamous date-rape drug.


I love how Bolaris adds her accent into the story- do shot.

The next thing Bolaris remembers is waking up in a taxi with a wine-stained shirt. There was a painting of a woman's face next to him. Then he got drugged again:

He tracked down Marina and Anna, who said he had bid for the painting at the fundraiser. They met him at his hotel – ostensibly to return his sunglasses, which they had taken by accident – and promised to straighten the whole thing out, if only Bolaris would share a cab with them to the Caviar Bar, where one of the women said she left her purse.

Bolaris obliged. Then he was drugged again, according to the FBI.

"They got me twice," he said. "I couldn't put anything together. I had no idea what happened."


The two women ran up a $43,000 bill on his credit card and ruined his credit with American Express, which led him to sue the credit giant. His coming forward with this helped the FBI nab 17 members of an Eastern European fraud ring.


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