Lavs is Mind F%#ing the Bruins

Of course none of that really matters, considering the Bruins are up 2-0.

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The beat writers would love – no LOVE – for you to believe that Lavs guaranteed a Game 3 victory last night. What says you?

"We have to win, we have to go to Boston and win one hockey game.  And you're right.  Going to the well is not an easy thing to do, it's a difficult thing to do.  We did it last series, we did it last year against Boston.  When you lose your first two games in your home building, I would say that there is a real expectation for the Bruins to win the series now.  So it relives us of the pressure, I believe, a little bit to just go in and play a game in Boston.  And while that relieves us of the pressure, it certainly mounts onto them to be successful now that they have a 2-0 lead.  I really like our guys, I think that we're gonna to go into Boston, we're going to play a strong hockey game, we're going to win a game.  This team never quits and like I said we get to remove some of that pressure right now.  We just go play, have some fun, see if we can score some more goals than we did tonight.  I truly believe that this team still has a lot of fight in it."


That hardly channels Mark Messier, but it is a little bit of a mind-fuck. 

He’s right. The pressure is on Boston. They’re up in the series, they’re at home, and they blew it last year. Losing again would be a colossal failure, especially with Tim Thomas in net.

Watch Lavs’ post-game presser after the jump. Includes an awkward “patriotism sweeping the nation” cliché from a reporter. If it wasn’t such a serious topic, Lavs would have tossed a chair at the guy for using that sort of phrasing in his presence.

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4 Responses

  1. im sorry talk is cheap. i have 0 confidence in the flyers in spite of their previous 3-0 comeback. This team just doesn’t have the goalie. The rest of the damn team is perfect. Seriously even without Pronger it’s stacked with all-stars. Unfortunately, as long as Ed Snider owns this team, might as well play with an extra attacker the whole game. that joke never gets old.

  2. not a guarantee. he’s paraphrasing. he’s saying that he really believes we’re gonna win a game and play a strong hockey game. that’s why they’re ‘beatoff’ writers..

  3. #alex it ain’t the goalies causing problems. the flyers have serious defensemen & line pairing issues. no pronger = no real chance to advance.

  4. Prong absence is an issue and bigger than it should be given the talent in the line up. Goaltending is an issue but all the games lost in this series and the buff series were hardly the goltenders issue (other than game 5). Carter missing is an issue if for nothing more than line pairings but I would have traded a few of those shots last night for a few wristers from Jeff. Flyers could win this series but it will take an alignment of stars for it to happen at this point. All the teams down 0-2 in this round have the potential to come back and I think 2/3 will come back. Go Flyers!

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