Quite the gamble, Dave [Photo source: New York Observer]

The Mets have found a minority owner. Here’s the press release: [via ESPN New York]

The New York Mets today announced that David Einhorn has been selected as the team’s preferred partner and that the Mets and Mr. Einhorn have entered into exclusive negotiations with respect to a minority, non-operating investment in the team. The $200 million personal investment by Mr. Einhorn is subject to the negotiation of a mutually acceptable definitive agreement for the transaction, as well as required approvals by Major League Baseball. The parties expect to enter into definitive agreements by late June.


So, what do we know about Mr. Einhorn? Well, for starters, he once made his own Mets costume and coached his daughter’s little league team:

Mr. Einhorn stated, “Having an opportunity to become part of the Mets franchise is exciting beyond my wildest childhood dreams. I spent my first seven years living in New Jersey and rooting for the Mets. In 1975, I even dressed in a homemade jersey as a Met for Halloween. I have been a baseball fan for my entire life and have enjoyed teaching the game as the coach of my daughter’s little league team. I look forward to partnering with the Wilpon and Katz families through the good seasons, the tough seasons and especially the championship seasons.” 


As readers Kevin and Dan say, at what point do the Finkle-Einhorn jokes start? I says now. Einhorn is a man!

Deadspin has more on Einhorn, who has previously been investigated by the SEC.

The Mets: America’s car accident.