One Year Ago Today: Michael Richards, The Shift


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  1. He is the man. No questions asked. The hustle, the resilience, the skill. And to think people question him. WOW

  2. This must not be THE Michael Richards, the same guy that all the morons on the radio want to trade because he had a bad postseason due to wrist injury and pnemonia. Morons…
    Might not be the best captain ever in Flyers history, but the guy is a damn good player.

  3. Yes, he was hurt and didn’t have the heart of last year….. He needs to realize that Philly fans love 110% hustlers in the playoffs, and with him hurt this year, he gave about 70%…. that being said, this shift was top 10 in flyers lore over the years as far as playoffs goes… I hope Mike realizes next year that to have philly love you, you have to become an animal in the playoffs…. and well, 2012, we should have a goalie that can actually get a shutout in the playoffs… heck, in the regular season (unlike flyers goalies this year)… so yea, Mike, you can continue hitting the pubs in philly during the season.. but when it comes playoff time, turn it up bro..

  4. Amanda, Smarty Jones’ owner wants to know if you are free for a “little Smarty Jones ride”: Hahahahah
    And yes, 1 year ago history was made but I wish much more of it was made. I think they were battling too hard and instead should have given up a higher seed for a healthier roster. One thing is for sure, when they are healthy it doesn’t matter where they play. They are The Road Warriors. Just look at Tampa this year.

  5. Oh yeah let’s trade this guy!! Bunch of idiots who call for that. Go kick rocks.

  6. I posted this clip on the get off richards D thread. If this doesn’t give you goosebumps as a flyers fan; your initials are TP.
    Seriously though, watching Niemi get beat is what is killing me the most right now in this Van/SJ series. He was beatable. Game 1 of the finals should have been a Win and Game 6 on home ice coulda / woulda / shoulda been ours. Would have rather lost it in 7.
    No matter. Still have a great team and good years ahead.

  7. mann god wtfff, i rem last year at this time was 1 big party watching that playoff run. mannn those happy hours/ flyers games were some good times.

  8. He can smack Panaccio in the face with a white glove after every game if he leads by example like effort like that.

  9. Obviously Amanda just started watching hockey this postseason, Richie may not be the most vocal player but he is a decent captain, last year he had a hell of a playoffs and was hurt this time around

  10. What gets me is that most of the people who want him traded more than likely started watching this team at the beginning of this past regular season. The guy was not 100% healthy all year, and played through pneumonia, so he clearly wasn’t himself. The Mike Richards I know is seen in the video above. He is the guy who lead this team through last years playoff run. This season (especially the last 2 or 3 months) was a huge learning experience for Mike, and the team as a whole. They learned that they cannot let up at all during the 82 game campaign. As for Richiw, I think he is completely worthy of the “C” and will show that next season.

  11. If not for the worst bad goal in Finals history, we probably win the Cup last year & that clip is even more historic.

  12. When is the anniversary of Kyle giving “Richie” a blowjob for the first time?

  13. He leads by example. Who cares if he isn’t talkative? Nobody knows what really goes on.

  14. yet another reminder of how fortunate we all are not to have joe benenati as our play-by-play guy, or doing national games anymore.

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