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Thanks to our friends at, we are hosting a one-night only FREE fantasy baseball league - for Crossing Broad readers only – which includes the chance to win money from a $150 cash-prize pool. The bad news (or good news, depending on how you look at it) for you is that me, Ryan, John, and Adam will be playing right alongside you. See if you can beat us- don’t worry, if I win, I’ll turn the $ into some sort of on-site giveaway.

It’s free to sign up. Here’s how to play:

Fill out your roster (C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3 OF, 2 Utility, 2 Starting Pitchers, Relief Pitcher, and one other pitcher) while staying within the budget of $100k (fake money, folks). Player salaries are set by DraftStreet and based on fantasy production. So, if you want to put a guy like Roy Halladay on the mound, it might cost you $16k, which means you’ll have to find some bargains to fill out the rest of your squad. Unlike Ruben Amaro, you won’t be able to load up on aces.

It’s a one-night only game, taking place this Friday night. So while you’re sitting at your desk this week, looking forward to the holiday weekend, take five minutes to fill out your team – for free – and then keep an eye on the scores Friday night while you’re out getting drunk and celebrating the unofficial start of summer. Deal?

The top five winners will get paid.

Remember, only stats from Friday night's games count! Don’t choose any Cubs or Pirates, since they are playing at 2:20 on Friday. Every other team and player is in play. You can make changes to your lineup up until game time.

Once the games start, you can check out the leader board, but we’ll also post the winners over the weekend. Your money will be sent to you from DraftStreet.

If this goes well, we will be doing these one-day contests more often. We’re trying to break DraftStreet’s single-league signup record, so please take a few seconds to sign your team up and make us look good for our sponsors. You can further help us by forwarding a link to this post to one friend (just one). The more people who play, the more we can do this in the future.

To recap: Sign up for free, fill out your roster, win money. Simple. 

Thanks and good luck!

Create your team right here.