Plenty of Tickets Available to See Jayson Werth Tonight

Bitter_beard_faceFriendly reminder (advertising!) that there are a bunch of tickets remaining for the Phillies-Nationals game tonight.

Over on Crossing Broad Tickets, we've rounded up all of the available tickets, including 20 sets for under $40 a piece. You can also sit in the lower lever for as low as $43 (as of writing this).

Get them all here.

Also, you might want to equip yourself with a Bitter Beard Face t-shirt for the next time JW comes to town. Get that here.


7 Responses

  1. Holy fucking shit, that is the lamest fucking shirt I have ever seen. Anyone who wears that is the biggest fucking faggot and will get the shit clowned out of them

  2. LOL, yeah nigga, if you’re gonna try to chump someone at least spell the shit right. Probably just salty cus you got one of these shirts. Come around the real city with that faggot ass suburb shit on

  3. “I wished Ibanez grows his better-batter beard back so he can start hitting again.” Posted by: Iron Balls McGinty | May 03, 2011 at 01:21 PM
    Kyle, you think he reads CB and got mad/inspyered by my comment, which was the straw that broke his slump? I also notissed some faical hair creeping back on his mug. Hahaha

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