Real Madrid to Play Union at Linc

I hate soccer. But some of you, in our reader survey, asked for more Union coverage. So here:

The Union will host Real Madrid at Lincoln Financial Field on Satuday, July 23rd  at 9 P.M. (!). Of course, Joe Banner emotes smugness: [CSN Philly]

“Lincoln Financial Field has once again attracted one of the world’s greatest soccer clubs to Philadelphia, hosting its 10th international match since 2003,” said Joe Banner, president of the Philadelphia Eagles. “We’re excited that fans in Philadelphia will have the opportunity to see the Union square off against Real Madrid. And we’re proud to bring another headline event to Lincoln Financial Field, which is becoming a great national entertainment destination.”


Is it just me, or does soccer have more featured exhibtion matches than any other sport?

You can get tickets at the Union's website. Doop, I suppose.


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  1. Soccer has the most exhibition games because there are so many famous teams and leagues worldwide. Union fans would love to see the team play Real Madrid, but without friendlies, how would the do that in league play?

  2. Go to PPL park for just one game and you will change your mind. I was not a soccer fan until I went to PPL park. For one, they server 22oz beers for $12. It’s not run by aramark so there is some variety at the stands. There is hardly ever a line for anything, bathrooms or beer included. The SOBs (sons of ben) keep the game entertaining. Soccer can be boring on TV. I agree 100%. Watching it live in person with the SOBs there is a whole different experience. It is great to watch them mess with the other teams supporting section. Like the a-hole chant you might hear a mets fan at a Phillies game, but this goes on for the whole game but with more creative lyrics. Oh, and yeah, the team is pretty good too. The game never stops so something is going on the whole time (minus the 15min half time). No TV timeouts. No stopping to change teams on the field. I am not a soccer fan. I am fan of the Union at PPL park.

  3. Agreed Baxter, you can get Victory beers there on tap for a pretty good price. Get a few Hop Devils in ya and you’ll enjoy the game…heh. Most people judge soccer by the World Cup, that’s not even close to what the pro leagues are like. Watch Man U vs Chelsea, it’s intense, includes tons of talent and team chemistry and is nothing like World Cup.

  4. Why waste this crap in the Linc? Didn’t the taxpayers and the DRPA build a stadium for this shit over in that cesspool called Chester?

  5. $12 for 22oz beer is not a deal.. They do serve them at the flyers games and presumably at the sixers but when you stop to think about it a normal beer in a standard plastic cup is 16oz for about 8 bucks. You do the math. If you buy two of those you get 32oz. for $16, $6 cheaper than your heralded 22oz pounder.
    I’m sure they love people like you though

  6. yuck hop devil, can only drink like 3 of those in a row, had a keg of it, lasted forever.
    golden monkey, on the other hand…..

  7. This year, the Union will play less featured exhibtion matches than the Phils will play “On Deck Series” (glorified exhibition) and the Eagles will play pre-season games (if at all)…
    I can think of no other sport that draws such unnecessary venom as soccer – one mention of it and everyone starts posting that they hate it…as if it’s more an announcement of superiority rather than an admission of insecurity. Even the writer of this piece of news can’t post an announcement without starting it “I hate soccer”.
    It’s actually quite pathetic.

  8. Soccer is for illegals and europeans queers. Yay for irrational and offenive comments!
    Defend philly union all you want (btw the name is terrible), but soccer makes me and most of america want to yawn, profusely. It reminds me of olympic diving to the point that soccer players dive and flop all over the field at the mere possibility of contact. The Simpsons little spoof on soccer is dead on. I’m going to go take a nap, all this soccer talk is putting me to sleep.

  9. Well, at least the Union gets to play Real Madrid instead of False Madrid. That makes all the difference.

  10. I was fine with the John Bolaris post, because who doesn’t love The Hangover, but this is the second nonsports related post of the day I’ve seen. Stick to ACTUAL sports!

  11. who ever hates on soccer…is absolutely not an athletic person, and doest know sports. It takes skill and pure athleticism to run full 90 minutes and to be skilled with your feet.Either way i will be attending this match even though madrid will play their reserves and still smash the union.

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