Red Sox Fan Runs on the Field, Gets Laid Out

Let this serve as a warning for those of you heading up to Boston this week. There are a myriad idiots there.

Must watch video after the jump.

H/T (@jimmytraina)


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  1. I’m waiting for some asshole talking head to say he must’ve been from Philly. No matter where else in America bad behavior by fans take place at sporting events, you can rest assured that some media clown with an ax to grind will tie it with our city and our fans.

  2. must’ve been a phillies fan in a red sox jersey, since phillies fans are the only ones who do that.

  3. BTW, remember those Father and son arseholes in Chicago or something that jumped onto the field and tried to attack the 1st baseman, 1st base coach, or first base ump…? This is why these arseholes get tackled or tazered, and you won’t find me complaining. There’s a time and place to act like an arsehole (like certain charackters on this blog…), but the baseball field aynt one of them. Unless you’re a M*t.

  4. Yeah, IBM, it happened in Chicago at Comiskey Park (or whatever the hell corporate name it’s called these days), that crazed father-son tag team came out of the stands to attack Kansas City first base coach Tom Gamboa for no good reason. I have no problem with loopjobs like them being whomped. In fact, players should be allowed to take bats on the field to administer a proper ass-whuppin’ on such idiots. Beat ’em to within an inch of a coma. THAT would end that sort of foolishness.

  5. Dude took a nice shot. How excited was that security guard when he saw that guy saunter out there? That was some RUDY shit, and he made the most of it. Great closing speed.

  6. Reminds me of Sheldon Brown when he hit Reggie Bush in the playoffs a few years back 🙂

  7. That was a great form tackle! I know one thing, that wasn’t Sean Considine out there.

  8. I thought this stuff only happened in Philadelphia??
    That’s what ESPN has been telling me all these years, they would never cover up for Boston, would they??
    Say it ain’t so!!!

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