Roy Oswalt is Back With Phillies After Helping to Clear Storm Damage with His Tractor

According to the Phillies beat reporters, Roy Oswalt is back from Mississippi, where he was helping clear damage from the recent storms in the midwest. He told reporters that while no one in his family was harmed, he knew of people who had been killed and his kids were very scared.

And, ya know, in true Oswalt fashion, he spent most of his time on a tractor:

Screen shot 2011-05-05 at 4.26.20 PM
Oswalt said he thinks he can pitch on Saturday.


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  1. thats an old picture isn’t it? Anyway hope Roy and his family are okay, and I also hope the crowd gives him the huge ovation he deserves on saturday.

  2. This picture was taken when he was WITH the Astros. It is a file photo. The Astros owner Drayton McLean purchased the tractor for Lil Roy….
    Still glad he is back. Love watching Oswalt throw a baseball.

  3. I feel really bad about his kids being so scared. I hope those days Roy spent with them helped calm them down a little bit.

  4. Glad Roy is back, and, more importantly, that his loved ones are safe and sound.

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