So The Same Guy is Making All of Those Signs Behind the Visitors’ Dugout, Right?

Me thinks so.

Exhibit A: Tim Lincecum


Exhibit B:  Pat Burrell


Exhibit C: Jayson Werth

Either all of those folks have the same handwriting or, more likely, it's one guy making these – what I think – hilarious signs.

The national folks? Not so much. Craig Calcaterra – with his intentional prodding – doesn't like them. And Big League Stew is all over the spelling of hippie. Notice the word makes an appearance for every player? Brilliant.

H/T to Dan, our one CB reader (I'm guessing) who routinely appears on morning financial shows


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  1. I love that they corrected the spelling of “hippie” and added an apology. Ha. Awesome.

  2. Juvenile. And how do you get 4 a$$holes to hold them up for you? I can’t wait to see the ones they have for JD Drew and Rolen. Yawn, guess you dont have to have class to sit in the Diamond Club.
    Suprised that Crossing Broad thinks they are “hilarious”.

  3. Pretty sure its a group of friends that does it. I’ve sat over there and talked to them, and they had made signs for that game that were hilarious(against the Red Sox)

  4. The guy holding the “pigeon toed” sign is named Tim McColgan. He’s an Old City bartender and self proclaimed “Philly Sign Guy”. The signs are slightly clever but the worst part about this guy is that according to his Facebook page, he’s a Mets fan and a NYGiants fan. This explains why he’s wearing everything Philly except for Phillies red.

  5. aren’t most of these pictures photo-shopped? Also, Carmen – those aren’t Diamond Club seats. Good point though.

  6. Wow. “Chris” straight revealing my shit like it’s some super hero/secret identity stuff. Hope I’m not gonna have to beat away autograph seekers when I walk down the street tonight. Thank goodness he didn’t mention what Old City bar I work at (879 Sports Bar & Lounge). People would just be beating down the doors to see me bartend tonight (starting at 5pm).
    For the record- No, they aren’t photo-shopped. Yes, it’s me, my boy, and a mixed group of friends. And yes, I’m probably the biggest Mets/Giants fan in the city.
    Glad you like the signs, Kyle. Thanks for the shout-out. Like “Philly Sign Guys” on Facebook.

  7. I attended a game with the Philly sign guys once (Red Sox), It was only once but I was honored to be a part of the great Philly Sign Guys legacy.

  8. I liked the nuck fan behind the glass last nite with the Cary Underwoody cutout. She was in a nuck jersey and he was able to rig it up so that he could change the comic style word balloons really fast. He had some good stuff. Like he had her saying “I <3 Force and Sully" hahahahah
    Speaking of Carie, I'd sure would like to get into her Underwood (more like Underwool, hahaha), even if she's a Preds fan (I think).

  9. Who’s the bigger losers: People who bring signs to games or people who bash strangers on message boards?

  10. That’s right that’s my boy Timmay and Tommy Tickles. Some of the funiest guys at the ballpark. If you noticed last night every time Werth came off the field instead of walking to the dugout in the nearest stairs he always took the other stairs. Way outta the way of these guys.

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