The Eagles Spent the Entire Day Tweeting Pictures of Their Cheerleaders, Who, By Nature, Wear Very Little

We rounded them up for you. Somehow, a Q&A between Dave Spadaro and Juan Castillo got mixed into their timeline, perhaps to keep you from performing any nefarious acts while viewing something with an Eagles logo. Mr. Lurie likes to have that sort of control over you.




Juan Castillo, per the Eagles' direction…


This one is for Rex Ryan


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12 Responses

  1. Does anyone else think Castillo looks like that guy from “No Country for Old Men”?

  2. Hahahahah ARBH, yeah, I wonder if his wife looks like Penelopee Cruze.
    And I wonder if he’d get more respect from his players if he used one of those pneumatic cattle slaughtering guns when they get out of line.

  3. That first girl is a Pats fan. Used to be a huge Eagles basher before auditioning for the cheerleading squad. FYI

  4. I went to high school with the first chick. She was a year or two younger then I. God damn i shouldve been all over it!

  5. MDeezy, be glad you didn’t. There’s something completely disterbing about her. Her belly button is flattened. Sexy girls have vertacle belly buttons even if they have a little gunt. Plus there is some sort of scar/blemish on the lower right (from our perspective), and that creepee stretch mark above it. But freekiest of all her left boob is way to high in contrast to her right boob. You’d think that her top would hide that but instead it magnafies it. Hey dingie, you shoulda went with a different silacone merchant. Hahahahahah

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