The Funny Thing About Chris Pronger’s Back, Jules


… is that it may be hurting (I'm just going to run this Superbad reference into the ground).

Last night Howard Eskin Tweeted the following:

Sources tell me Chris Pronger left game on Saturday with back pain. Will be examined on Sunday morning.


There's no more information on this, but Chris Pronger didn't speak to the media yesterday, because, according to Sam Carchidi, he "lost his voice." Yeah, OK.

I was at the game and noticed Pronger leave the bench with about two and a half minutes remaining. Just before that, he appeared to get into it on the ice with JVR, who almost took a penalty just as the Flyers were about to go on the powerplay. I'm now guessing his exit from the bench had something to do with his back.

Counting on Paul Holmgren to deny that report in 3…2…1…

Meanwhile, in Boston, Bruins fans aren't too happy about Prongs' two-hander on Daniel Paille. I see nothing…

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  1. I smell a spammer in that last poster above.
    Pronger also yelled at JVR after JVR tried to retaliate when Marchand tripped Pronger. If Pronger is not in Game 2 it’s too bad because he at least seems to be a motivator. I hope he doesn’t have to do a lot more yelling, but if he does, I really hope it’s effective. Maybe another guy like Briere will step up with another speech too.
    Besides the defense sucking it up—they were giving too much time and space to the Boston offense—they really need to test Thomas harder on offense. It’s hard when you are on the PK too much, especially with such a huge scoring deafasit. But it looked like they weren’t giving it “Maximum Effort” (watch “Twelve O’Clock High”, 1949, starring Gregory Peck: —great movie, reminds me of my life during WWII), and they lost control of all their dissapline.
    I know now they’ll be angrier and more motivated for the next one, but I hope they channel it into scoring and not getting stupid penalties though.

  2. My mistake guys. I was a few drinks deep at the time. Will make the change

  3. Hahahahah, Kyle-Boy. Alanon will be contacting you soon.
    BTW1: There was no reason why the Flyers couldn’t win this despite the poor offishiating (somebody “retire” Devorski), but I think that goalie interfearance on Rinaldo took the wind out of the sails. They were hesitant pretty much the whole game after that to really get into Thomas’ face and make him work.
    BTW2: “Superbad” = “Porky’s” for morons.

  4. Rinaldo and Seidenberg were tangled up in one another when they both went to the net. Officiating can no doubt change the momentum of the game in an instant as iron balls was saying.
    The officials need to do some brushing up of their NHL rulebook: Rule 69 states:
    If an attacking player has been pushed, shoved, or fouled by a defending player so as to cause him to come into contact with the goalkeeper, such contact will not be deemed contact initiated by the attacking player for purposes of this rule, provided the attacking player has made a reasonable effort to avoid such contact.

  5. yeah its getting annoying dude. superbad came out over 3 years ago. lets go.

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