The Phillies Offense is Epically Awful Right Now: Stats!

Michael_martinezWho are you???

Our man J-Mac brings us this little tidbit: [Philly Sports Daily]

The Phillies’ propensity to produce pathetic offensive outings is nearing historic heights. On Tuesday night, the Phillies lost to the Cardinals in a 2-1 contest. It was the Phils’ fourth-straight loss. In those four losses, they haven’t had more than five hits in any one game.

The last such stretch of hitting futility was in May of 1974.


That's right, it's been almost 40 years since the Phillies have had a worse four-game stretch. Almost 40.

Here's what was going on in 1974: The Phillies 1974 throwbacks weren't throwbacks! (shouting!), I was still nine years away from being born (9 B.K.S., if you will), Christian Bale and Steve Nash were mere infants, Charlie Manuel was with the LA Dodgers, and Jim Gardner was a news reporter in Buffalo.

We really shouldn't be surprised about this, though. Look at this lineup: Rollins, Martinez, Polanco, Howard, Mayberry, Francisco, Valdez, Sardinha, Oswalt.

Let's rephrase that with common nouns: Aging shortstop, relative unknown who made the team because the manager liked his personality, great hitter, star, almost didn't make the team, drastic step down from last year, replacement level player, minor league catcher, pitcher.

That's your answer. Injuries, once again, have screwed with the lineup. There is a Wilson Valdez- Pete Orr platoon at second base. Dane Sardinha played in four-of-seven games. Ben Francisco is your right fielder. And, last night, Michael Martinez was your starting center fielder. 

They're not going to win many games with Utley, Brown, Victorino, and Chooch out of the lineup. Need. To. Be. Healthy.

UPDATE: Or… the Phillies can heed the advice of reader Jessica, who forwarded me this e-mail from her father, Bruce:

Charlie Manuel lends full support behind Phillies' Promotions adding tonight's game as "Bat Day" – with a slight twist.  Instead of fans getting a bat, they are to bring their favorite bat for the Phillies to use during the game.  The bat can be wood, composite, titanium – makes no difference as MLB has granted the Phillies a special dispensation to use any instrument that will actually produce hits and runs.  If a run is produced, directly or indirectly (walks count), with the bat you brought, you get 4 tickets to a future Phillies game.  Sorry, bats brought that produce runs cannot be returned – for obvious reasons. 

He might be on to something. Of course, I'm now looped in to a father-daughter e-mail string, which makes me uncomfortable.

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19 Responses

  1. This was the choice they made when they signed Ace #4 and didn’t upgrade the weakest part of the team – the hitting. After the loss to the Giants I thought they needed to keep the pitching staff, keep Werth, and add more hitting. Instead they opted to not keep Werth, add Lee, and not upgrade the offense any place else.
    I would have tried to sign Lee, trade Oswalt for a bat, and keep Werth if possible just to have a younger pitcher locked up fo rlonger.
    Think about in 2008 and 2009 – Victorino was the 3rd best OF in the lineup. Now he’s far and away the best, even though he’s hitting about the same. That’s how much the production in LF and RF has fallen off.
    This offense is what it is. It was weak last year. And now Utley is out and injured, Raul and Rollins are a year older, Werth is gone, etc. Even when Utley returns he’ll be the “2010 Utley” not the “2007 Utley”. That’s better than Orr/Valdez, but it’s not great.
    Things aren’t going to change. This is the norm now and has been since late May of last year. This isn’t an aberration or a slump. It’s been a full season of this. The aberration is when they put up 6 or 7 runs.

  2. Ce fut le choix qu’ils ont fait quand ils ont signé Ace # 4 et ne pas mettre à niveau le plus faible partie de l’équipe – le frapper. Après la défaite contre les Giants je pensais qu’ils avaient besoin de garder le personnel de lanceurs, gardez Werth, et ajouter plus de frapper. Au lieu de cela ils ont choisi de ne pas garder Werth, ajouter Lee, et de ne pas mettre à niveau l’infraction nulle part ailleurs.
    J’aurais essayé de signer Lee, Oswalt commerce pour une chauve-souris, et de garder Werth, si possible, juste pour avoir un plus jeune lanceur enfermé pendant rlonger.
    Pensez en 2008 et 2009 – Victorino a été le meilleur 3ème de la programmation. Maintenant, il est de loin le meilleur, même s’il est frappant au sujet de la même. C’est combien la production en BF et RF est tombé.
    Cette infraction est ce qu’elle est. Il était faible l’an dernier. Et maintenant Utley est sorti et en a blessé, Raul et Rollins sont un an de plus, Werth est parti, etc Même quand Utley revient, il sera le “2010 Utley” pas le “2007 Utley”. C’est mieux que Orr / Valdez, mais ce n’est pas grand.
    Les choses ne vont pas changer. C’est maintenant la norme et a été depuis la fin mai de l’année dernière. Ce n’est pas une aberration ou une chute. Il a été une saison complète de ce. L’aberration, c’est quand ils ont mis en place 6 ou 7 pistes.

  3. The whole team looks dead…even the aces. Lets just hope this is just a bump in the road. Its still early…but somethings gotta give. I have a bad feeling they are going to quietly rush Utley and this is not a good idea.
    Brown…..HE’S NO THE ANSWER! Outfield needs to be: Mayberry, Victorino, Brown/Fransico.


  5. I do agree the injuries are part of the problem, but I also agree that the off season should have been dedicated to fixing last year’s problem….hitting…not pitching. We had 3 aces and an out of sync offense which was prone to injuries. They should have sought out 2 more, younger, healthier bats for the money they paid Lee. Don’t get me wrong, I was thrilled when they got Lee, but in the back of mind I was worried about the offense and so it comes true. It’s so funny how Amaro screwed up when get gave Lee away, not it seems he screwed up by getting him back.

  6. I sure hope RAJ is having discussions with the Mutts about Reyes…Rollins is done offensively.

  7. NO team has ever won the World Series in May. This certainly is/can be epic if it continues. Lets hope the coals can be stoked and we return to winning ball games.

  8. Let’s rephrase that with common nouns: Aging shortstop, relative unknown who made the team because the manager liked his personality, great hitter, star, almost didn’t make the team, drastic step down from last year, PITCHER, minor league catcher, pitcher.

  9. Well, they barely won tonite.
    I think it has to do with being on National TV. After tonight (1st game back home) they were on National TV for days in a row, going 1 and 3. And So far this season I think they are 1 and 6 out of 7 games that were on National TV.
    Anyway, I think being on TV nationwide is the jinx. That’s my theery and I’m stikking to it!

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