This is the Mets Anthem You’ve Been Waiting For

Rarely do we come across such gems – diamonds in the Lindy Ruff, if you will – which accurately articulate the euphoria of being a Mets fan. So when reader Joel sent us a link to the latest Lori Martini feat. Nick Javas joint, well, we were ecstatic.

Martini will be performing her hit single frighteningly disconnected Mets anthem, Believe, at Citi Field on May 27th. She’s also Twitter spamming the hell out of everyone from Snoop Dogg to Billy Bush to get them to listen to her song. But you need to look no further than just below the jump for this lyrical styling.


Ladies and gentlemen, Believe by Lori Martini.

The Amazin’ Mets, folks.

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13 Responses

  1. I only got 61 seconds into it before my laptop threw up a ‘get-this-shit-off-me-or-I’ll-never-load-porn-again’ warning across the middle of the screen….so I know it sucks up to that point, can’t imagine it ever gets better.

  2. As a Mets fans, I appreciate all the condolences and well wishes. The nerve of this stupid hole.
    “Wait and see”??? WAIT AND SEE?!!?!?

  3. This is as bad as the Nationals fan trying to stop the Phillies home team advantage while playing in Washington. I got to 41 seconds before I could not take it any more of her annoying song. Seriously, the homeless band of musicians that rocks insides Suburban Station for loose change and meals at Church’s Chicken sounds better than that crap. Your 2011 New York Mets!

  4. “She” should be singing “Dude looks like a lady”.
    I’m no buggerer of boys, but I’d put Kyle-Boy over Lory Martini&Rossi, since it’s debatable which one’s got the dudelschwanz and which one’s got the panocha.
    And I thought it couldn’t get any lower for the M*ts. Hahahahahah

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