It's been a while since we've spouted off about ballpark fashion. The "ill" shirt trend is not going away and not worth fighting. The other day I actually spotted a "Drexel-ill" shirt- combo Drexel University and Phillies fonts, celebrating one of Delco's flagship towns. But behold our newest violator: The Cliff Lee Flyers shirsey. 

That's right, folks, you can now support both the Flyers and Phillies with just one shirt! Nothing says "I like sports" like an orange t-shirt with Flyers color schemes, Phillies fonts, and the name of our city's most beloved athlete on the back. Fuck Brian Boucher, Cliff Lee can play goal.

At first I thought this was a converted Boucher shirsey, made in haste about mid-way through Game 5 against Buffalo. But upon further inspection, it became clear that the numbers were Phillies font, and the letters angled ever so slightly. Even the white nameplate had a slight wedge shape to it. Yes, whoever designed this took great care to convey to the viewer that they're a real sports fan… they have the shirt to prove it.