Today in Awful Shirseys: The Cliff Lee Flyers Shirsey

It's been a while since we've spouted off about ballpark fashion. The "ill" shirt trend is not going away and not worth fighting. The other day I actually spotted a "Drexel-ill" shirt- combo Drexel University and Phillies fonts, celebrating one of Delco's flagship towns. But behold our newest violator: The Cliff Lee Flyers shirsey. 

That's right, folks, you can now support both the Flyers and Phillies with just one shirt! Nothing says "I like sports" like an orange t-shirt with Flyers color schemes, Phillies fonts, and the name of our city's most beloved athlete on the back. Fuck Brian Boucher, Cliff Lee can play goal.

At first I thought this was a converted Boucher shirsey, made in haste about mid-way through Game 5 against Buffalo. But upon further inspection, it became clear that the numbers were Phillies font, and the letters angled ever so slightly. Even the white nameplate had a slight wedge shape to it. Yes, whoever designed this took great care to convey to the viewer that they're a real sports fan… they have the shirt to prove it.


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  1. you write about this being awful, yet you advertise which is the epitome of horrible philadelphia “fad” shirts ever since the phils won in 08 and hockey became popular to bandwagoners when they reached the cup last year.

  2. How can we not mention this butch’s killer 80’s she-mullet? These shirts gotta go!
    And as for CB pushing phillyphaithful gear…everyone loves revenue, play of playa!

  3. well ya obviously i understand money is money, thats why all these shirts are thriving as well. loved the article on the 3 types of phillies fans, couldnt agree more. unfortunately the phils will have to tank for 4-5 years to skim out the bandwagon idiots

  4. chris- philly phaithful has original designs. if you like them or not is your call, but i’m just not on board with the whole “duel sport” fad that’s going on. aesthetically, these shirts aren’t bad (i love the flyers new color schemes and designs) but I think it should be left to, well, flyers.

  5. yeah they do have original designs but unfortunately majority of that falls into this category the “fly” and orange and black covered “ill” shirts were the start of what we are seeing now. (the lee flyers jersey). I agree with you i dont like the cross over at all. how does cliff lee relate to the flyers at all? haha its kind of ridiculous, but on the other hand i will understand the crossover shirts when the winter classic rolls around

  6. Now, if Gisele Bundchen was wearing that shirt instead of Bertha the Bovine, it’d be the talk of the town.

  7. Kyle, They say Phillies on the front so at least there is that. I agree though, keep it to one. On the other hand, Ive gotten tired of getting worked up at what bandwagon fans will wear. Also, I prefer Jerts to Shirseys, but to each his own.

  8. I love our bandwagon fans. Without them, we probably could never have signed Cliff Lee. One of the things that keep New York and Boston so successful is their national appeal. We are starting to benefit from a national audience. And I’m not so proud as to deny liking the revenue that can keep us dominant.

  9. Its a fucking shirt. Who gives a shit? As long as people in CBP have phillies gear on, what the fuck does it matter? I think it’s a cool idea, just like the green phillies shirts. It’s not like they’re going totake over CBP or anything, so what the fuck difference does it make?

  10. i bought one 4/30 vs the mets. also game 1 of the eastern conference semis. what makes it awful? i think its great. can anyone care to explain how wearing one of these shirts = bandwagon fan? screw all who think so. i don’t think many people bought these thought “oh cool its orange i like orange.” we knowingly bought shirts like these because we love both teams. i agree with chris. if you wanna see awful shirts, take a look at your sponsor, kyle.

  11. I don’t like them because, plain and simple, what the fuck does Cliff Lee and the Flyers have to do with eachother other than Philly….I mean I just to get it…what’s the point…I’m a die-hard Flyers fan so I wear my Flyer’s shirsey’s…. I like Lee, and the Phillies, not die-hard tho…but if I wanted to rep him I’d get a Phillies shirsey, not some weird hybrid…I get likeing both teams ok, then you wear a FLyers shirsey and a Phillies hat…or vice versa…I just don’t get the point of mixing ’em…they’re just stupid and ugly…there is no point of em….P.S. I like Philly Faithful’s shirts! Atleast they are original and make sense!

  12. And P.S. It just kinda looks like a SF colored Phillies/Lee shirsey….I mean if they did that for a Giroux shirsey but made it red, white, blue…it would just look like a Rangers colored Flyers shirsey….it just weird and there is no point to it…stick to your actually colors…no one is that desperate to rep the Flyers and Lee at the same time!

  13. There are two ways to look at this:
    – The Phillies were/are/will pay HOMAGE to the great franchise across the street.
    – The Phillies are trying to undermine the Flyers by having people wear Phillies gear to Flyers games.
    Get ahold of yourselves people. Although odd, it’s not warranting of hate, unless of course you think my second case from above is what’s happening.

  14. They are confusing but I’m not so sure you should label anyone with one of them bandwagon? I myself don’t have one but I am a proud owner of an “ill” sweatshirt and I know for a fact I’m not bandwagon. After all, your phillyphaithful shirts are the same idea basically. No shit.

  15. I have this shirt (Halladay one) as well as the Eagles colors one. Majestic was commissioned to do both since both the Flyers and Eagles had home games the same day as the Phillies (Flyers 4/30/2011-Played the Mets, Eagles 11/1/2009-Played the Skanks in the series). This was so a fan who attended both games could rep both teams, which I was one of those who went to both games. I have a friend who works for Majestic who gave me the low down and the tshirts before they were released. Flyers one–>
    Eagles one–>
    Only thing that I found odd was that the Eagles one only had one player. Chase Utley. I wonder why?!?! The Flyers one had a bunch of players.

  16. screw you man whats so bad about the ill shirts? i have one. they are one of the coolest shirts i have

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