Vance Worley and Michael Stutes on a Train? Yep

Before getting shelled for eight runs in three innings today, Vance Worley hopped an NY Subway with Michael Stutes… and a few CB readers Friday night.

Here's an email (unedited) from reader Peter and his friend, both of whom were featured prominently during Friday night's broadcast, about their encounter with The Vanimal (#yeahtheguywhogaveupeightrunstoday) and Stutes:

just got back from ny to catch the mets-phils (Friday night… my boy was the idiot wearing the cheesesteak hat that wheels commented on during the telecast).  so we leave the shit of a field and hop on the subway afterwards.  drunk out of our minds, we see some dude with a fauxhawk, shirt with swirlies, and true religion jeans trying to catch the subway.. but its no ordinary douche.  its Vance Worley.  we yell at him, high five, talk about ny pussy, and ask his friend to take a pic for us.  little did we know that Worley likes to go whoring with Michael Stutes (who graciously took a pic for us).  they end up asking my friend where to party, and he hooks them up with a spot that he goes with his clients blahblahblahblah.

moral of the story – michael stutes has his gameface on at all times, especially when he's about to run a train on nyc.  literally.


The True Religions alone don't qualify Worley for douche status. However, the on-shirt swirlies aren't helping Worley (hey, poet!). Either way, not sure a couple of blitzed fans can hang talking "pussy" with a two Major Leaguers, especially the likes of Vanimal and Stutes and their duplicity of follicle perfection. But it does seem like the tag-team was looking forward to a long night of debauchary… says the two drunk dudes on a train. Always a reliable source.

And is it just me, or does Stutes look like Dr. Jonathan Crane, en route to release his fear toxin on Gotham City? Or a guy about about to plow 20 coeds… One or the other.


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18 Responses

  1. That’s a big grin for a guy who just got shelled by a shitty team…it’s cool though I’m sure halladay would have been just as pleasant if it happened to him…as if

  2. So Worley parties it up in NYC on Friday night and then gets shelled on Sunday. Thinkin’ he spent Saturday either puking his guts out or trying to get an STD test. Either way, the hangover clearly wasn’t gone by Sunday afternoon. That’s a good way to punch your ticket back to Allentown, Vance. Moral of the story… party after you pitch, not before… or even two days before.

  3. Called that one, didn’t I? Yes, Vance needs innings… and he also needs to learn his lesson. There are three nights a week you can party… after your game, after Halladay’s game and after Lee’s game. When Oswalt and Hamels pitch, go back to the room and rest because you’re third in line.

  4. Kylie, you are driving me insane with this nonsense, STAY OUT OF PHILLY ATHLETES BUSINESS. NO1 CARES THEY ARE PARTYING BRAAAA

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