Video: All The Ladies in Clearwater Love Chase

Yo, Chase, we really need you up here. Chase?… Chase!!!

Life is tough being Chase Utley. After tonight's 1-for-4 rehab start, Uts took a few moments to say goodbye to what looked like a close friend… and two coeds who were ogling him like a dyslexic kid holding a bag of M & Ms.

The chick on the right has a certain Elisha Cuthbert quality to her, while her friend is about seven sheets to the wind. Only then do you rub your hands on a baseball bag… she's rubbing his baseball bag. My, what big bats you have!

Oh, Chase. Keep on keepin' on. You take your time down there, good sir.

Thanks to reader Peter for the video


8 Responses

  1. The girl on the left has a priceless expression while Utley hugs the older woman on the right, like she’s daring the blonde to cup his crotch and moan.

  2. It may be the whiskey, but it looks like the gals are actually shaking Chase’s hand, cause his arm is in front of the bag.
    I think your just jellous Boyo becuase the gals got to hobnob and get all touchie-feelie with the subject of your utmost infatuayeshun. Hahahahahahahah
    “The chick on the right has a certain Elisha Cuthbert quality to her…”
    Krikey! That might not be a good thing. Sean Avery’s sloppie secondses is heading for that wall real qwik. I tried to watch that new show of hers but I couldn’t get thru 5 minutes. But I did watch long enough to notice that she’s got the flubber arm thingie going on. And that means there’s something extra going on with the rest of that body. She must of swallowed a lot of haggandas together with all that anxiety after 24 got the shyte can.

  3. @Iron Balls
    I’d side with you in a bet that Kyle’s just jealous. What slightly homo-erotic blogger wouldn’t want Chase to teach them how to swing a bat? 😉

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