Video: Flyers Kitten Yells at Ed Snider

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Yeah, it's as weird as you fucking think.

These Xtranormal videos have pretty much run their course, but every once in a while we come across a good one on YouTube. Today is that every once part of the last sentence.

Someone, mggross21 on the Tube, created this video of a Flyers fan, apparently a cat, talking to Ed Snider about his displeasure with the organization, the fact that he hasn't gotten laid in 2011, and something something Garth Snow iterations. Someone should tell the guy who made this that – I don't think – these things are kittens.

Anyway, just watch it after the jump.

Quick aside: I've seen some complaints about videos being "after the jump." It's not because I hate you or want more page views (a better user experience far outweighs a few extra clicks). But it's because having too many videos on the home page severely slows its loading time, which is already less-than-brisk thanks to all those ads over there on the right. So yeah, at the end of the day it all comes down to me wanting to make more money. Just click over the jump.



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  1. Pretty sure it’s “the ten divine incarnations of Garth Snow.” Dude is kinda spot on, except fuck Prism.

  2. “Then I want you to tell Mike Richards he’ll be a GREAT captain…………. For Winnipeg.”
    Made. My. Day.

  3. not exactly the kind of vibe i want to feel going into the most important game of the season…

  4. The most important game of the season was two days ago…today is for some slight redemption as professional athletes in not getting swept, in Boston no less.
    And gotta love the uneducated internet readers who don’t understand ad revenue and loading speeds. Please keep putting the videos after the jump, there’s smart phones better than my laptop.

  5. dude dont disrespect the team like that. Would have been great to win game 3, but have the Bruins won 4 yet? NO. Just think back to last year, WTF is wrong with you? This team is better than Boston. Why are you giving up now? For Christ sake keep the faith. This thing is not over yet!!!!!!

  6. Lol henry, it’s over. It was over in the off-season when the need was apparent and they skipped over it. Then they got lucky that Leighton’s back gave out and Bob turned out to be good, but they rode him too hard and ruined him, and it was over again when they got Versteeg at the deadline rather than goaltending help.

  7. its over like it was over last year. you guys are brutal. at least have the decency to wait until the bruins win 4. and until then keep it positive and support the team. unless your just closet boston fanboys trolling a philly site which im starting to think some of you are

  8. 10 playoff games and only 4 where the starter finished the game – beyond pathetic – the kitten is right – get a GOALIE

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