Video: Here’s Dr. J Talking to a Basketball, and (Bonus!) Cardinals Announcers Don’t Like You

Worst marketing campaign ever for the 2011 NBA Finals? Me thinks so.

H/T to the fine folks from The School Philly for the video

Now, here are the Cardinals announcers talking about what awful people we are, by busting out a litany of the usual offenses: Santa, batteries, etc.



4 Responses

  1. People talking about how Philadelphia fans are boorish?

  2. “that can happen in any stadium and a handful of dummies shouldn’t affect the reputation of a city… but we are going to do it anyway”

  3. Right Maggie.
    And they still haven’t found those arseholes in LA and I bet the LAPD/FBI will never get them cause they’re in Mexico by now. Call Seal Team 6 on their chickeshyte arses.
    They just had this on the news last night because the poor guy was finally stable enough to transfer him to a SF medical facility.
    It was sad because they were interviewing his Mom and she said he was in a comatose state and he’s only blinking his eyes but they can’t tell if it’s him or just some automatic reflex in that state.
    I really hope those guys come to justice. but I got to believe that this is not typical of LA fans. For that matter, almost everywhere their are more good fans that arseholes like these. Philly is no different, except for the passion.
    The shyteheel cardinal annuncers are just trying are bullshyting for bullshytes sake since they are sucking behind the Reds and Pujols is worse at hitting than the entire Phillies lineup right now.

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