Video: Lauren Hart Singing God Bless America, Flyers Score First Goal


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  1. I liked the end of the game better.
    The Flyers season ends this Friday night. SWEEP!
    At least when the Red Sox came back from 3-0 down, they won the World Series.

  2. Crappers! Same shyte as the regular season. They go up 2-0 in the first 10 minutes and then they let off the gas. It was frustrating to see them give up the goals so easily. It hurts, but you got to be proud that at least they really tried the last half of regulation and overtime. And that chance Briere had right before the end of reg. Krikey! Not to mention the other half a dozen or so chances that they had. Boston got lucky and despite being down 2-0, if they play at all like they did for the last half plus OT, there’s no reason why they can’t even it up on the road. I still think some of the younger D’s—Carle and Meszaros, do you hear me?—they need to really get into their head that this is the playoffs and they need to be “on it” every second of the game. I hate to say it but Carle and Mezzy being out there in front of Boosh together really get me a sinking feeling in me stomach. And Carle, like he did all season, made at least 3 or 4 lousy clearing attempts that led to a giveaway. According to the boxscore, he had a zero +/-, and I can’t remember if any of the turnovers led to goals. But I like how the team as a whole put their bodies on the line. And I like how the crowd cheered when McQuaid got up. I spect some of those returded Chowderhead homers will say it was a dirty move by Richards, since although Richie stepped aside, there was some leg to leg contact. But like I said, I still have Phaith (what else is there to go on?) that if the Flyers keep up what they’re doing and don’t let of the gas at aall, they can come back and win this series.

  3. Please don’t feed the chowderheaded trolls (like the poster up top). They still haven’t learnt their lessons from last year. Must have a vegetable brain, or something.

  4. My questions are where was Mike Richards tonight? Where are the rebounds? How can they make the power play work? The Flyers have some big problems right now.

  5. #goaltending. Paul, are you listening?
    I really hope these guys can pull it out and even it up on the road but we beat miller already. Taking out him and TT defies logic. Go Flyers!

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