Video: Phillies Fan Says “Shit” During Interview on Rockies Broadcast


You just knew the Fast Cash Gold Centers sideline report wasn't going to go smoothly

Sometimes we just have to smile, shake our heads, and embrace our existence as fans.

However, the Rockies' broadcast crew should have known better than to air a live interview with Phillies fans during a brief rain delay.

While the grounds crew added Diamond Dust to the field before the start of the fourth inning, Rockies announcer Drew Goodman sent it down to his broadcast partner, Mark (?), who was in the crowd with a Flyers fan… You know where this is going.

While Mark thought this would be a good opportunity to talk about the upcoming Winter Classic at Citizens Bank Park, his esteemed colleague wanted to hear from our friend in orange… Wrong move.

The interview has everything. Weinerish sideline reporter trying to relate to hardened fan, said fan telling the world Denver that his Xbox friend is coming to live with him, alcohol, cursing… it's all here. And Mike Vick!

The video… is after the jump. Accept your fate, folks.

Fist pound to (@JRCarty) for the heads up on the video


18 Responses

  1. Ah, who gives a shyte about the “Shit” word.
    I can’t place why, but the fat putz in the red Phillies shirt and turned-round cap bugged me. Must be because the stoopid shyte was trying to mooch his way into the interrview. Hey, unless the guy comes up to you, f*ck off, fat putz.

  2. Wonder if they could have found someone a little more drunk for the interview?

  3. He met someone on xbox and is letting said person stay with him? What? Creepy. And a fist pumping fat boy screaming Mike Vick. This video clearly explains how things were going last night for Phillies fans.

  4. People have to stop imitating Iron Balls McGinty. We all know he isn’t up that early you chickenshyte pussy.

  5. Haha the guy screaming MIKE VICK is my boy…he must have been about 20 beers deep by this point. I think he was trying to save the Flyers fan from disclosing his xbox live gay man love affair.

  6. Hahah this just made my morning…I’m almost crying from laughter….they had to pick the worst person (and back-up people) to interview!!! Ha! Welcome to Philly!!!

  7. Wait, wait….you know what makes this even better and I just realized it?!!!! I think he is wearing a Scott Hartnell jersey!!!! HAhahahahahhaahah

  8. The obese guy screaming “Mike Vick” looks like he could be Pukemon’s doppleganger!

  9. The biggest problem I have with this guys is the fact that two grown men who’re friends on XBox are going to spend 7 1/2 months together to prep for a hocky game that, I’m guessing vaguely here, neither one of them will be able to afford tickets to.

  10. MIKE VICK!!!!!!!!MIKE VICK!!!!!!!!MIKE VICK!!!!!!!!MIKE VICK!!!!!!!!MIKE VICK!!!!!!!!

  11. I’ve known the dude the guy yelling mike Vick since I was in 3rd grade…. Hickey you’re the man. These people are idiots.

  12. Dude in the phillies shirt is hilarious! Should have let him get the interview instead of the xbox choad.

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