Video: Wilson Valdez Pitching


Wilson Valdez got the win in a game Roy Halladay started. Let’s put that in perspective, it’s proper context, if you will.

The last player to start a game in the field and get the win as a pitcher was Babe Ruth, in 1921. That marks the first and last time you will ever hear Wilson Valdez mentioned in the same context as George Herman Ruth.

In case you fell asleep, or have, like, a real job, the Phillies ran out of pitchers in the 19th inning, after five scoreless innings from Danys Baez. You read that right.

With one out in the 11th, Charlie Manuel removed Kyle Kendrick, who had only faced three batters and would have been the Phils’ long man, in favor of J.C. Romero. Romero promptly walked three batters in one-third of an inning. That forced Manuel to bring in David Herndon, who made a nice play to get out of a bases loaded jam. He pitched through the 13th, before handing the ball off to Baez.

Baez threw a career-high 74 pitches during his five scoreless innings, but by the time the game reached the 19th, it was clear that he was no longer an option.

Enter Valdez.

Placido Polanco took Valdez’s spot at second, Carlos Ruiz moved to third, and Dane Sardinha came in to catch. First up was Joey Votto, perhaps the best player in the league. He fouled a 1-0 pitch down the left field line, where Chooch dove onto the tarp, coming up just a few feet short of making an amazing play.

There are no words:


Three pitches later, Valdez shook off Sardinha and threw Votto a 3-1 fastball. Votto flied it to deep center field… into the glove of Michael Martinez.

Videos and more photos are after the jump.

Valdez then hit Scott Rolen (well played) with a curveball, before getting both Jay Bruce and pitcher Carlos Fisher to fly out. Stud.


Raul Ibanez walked it off with a sacrifice fly in the bottom of the 19th.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, are videos of Valdez pitching, his post-game interview with Sarge, and Charlie’s press conference.


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20 Responses

  1. Now that we’ve learned for sure that Wilson Valdez is a better pitcher than JC Romero sans roids, can we PLEASE DFA Romero already?

  2. In the meantime, let’s give Danys Baez some serious props for his yeoman work last night/VERY early this morning. Even though he’s been a punching bag for fans like me since last season, his five scoreless frames kept the Phils in that game until they finally won it in the 19th. As for Wilson Valdez—-BRAVO!!

  3. MPH: I suspect the only reason Romero is still around is because he’s lefthanded and Uncle Charlie needs a situational lefty to go along with Bastardo. God knows if there were another portsider down on the farm who’s ready for the Show, Romero would’ve been axed a long time ago. Meanwhile, I hope Ruben is combing the waiver wire for a good lefty, because I, like just about everyone else, is so done with Romero!

  4. RAJ was in our section while JC was pitching. my friends and i were calling for him to give JC the axe long before he loaded the bases. Guy is an assclown, JC not RAG.
    Oh and we also asked McCarthy to show us his boobs and Wheels to resign.

  5. “The last player to start a game in the field and get the win as a pitcher was Babe Ruth, in 1921.”
    I was going to say Brent Mayne of the Rockies in 2000 (COL vs ATL) but I don’t think he was a starter. But there was Rocky Colavito of the Yankees in 1968. But I don’t think he started either. But he did homer on the #2 game of the double header (he pitched in the 1st game).
    I’m also positive that if Manuel hadn’t taken Francisco out of the game for that at-bat where Brown hit a crappy grounder with the bases loaded and only one out, they would have one. I think Francisco would have been better at getting the sac fly, with Brown being cold. Oh well.

  6. Who’s the ignorant asshole in the second video toward the end who was interviewing Ibanez but pulled (yanked) valdez’s jersey so arrogantly

  7. @Brian, I saw that too, was thinking pretty much the same thing. “Who the fuck does he think he is?”

  8. I was there, and stayed the whole game. Amazing after all the bandwagoners went home and the stout and diehards were left.With no shame that I called in late for work today. It was an honor.

  9. Sherry-
    Alot of folks bring their kids to the game and couldn’t stay till 1 am. You probably started watching the phils 2 yrs ago.

  10. Dude. The kids can sleep in their seats. Send them in late the next day with their ticket stub – it’s as good as a doctor’s note. You can’t leave after Howard tied it up. Total violation.

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