Videos: Phillies Fan Chanting USA, USA

                H/T to Alexander for the second video Longer video from ESPN broadcast after the jump.


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  1. I’m really HOT AS HELL right now at the Runnemede Volz School’s vice principal for yelling at the kids at lunch time for Chanting USA!! Baseball games were interrupted with the news of the Killing of bin laden; Americans took to the streets at Times Square Celebrating & Chanting USA! Even Soldiers at West Point broke formations to celebrate & Chant USA! So who the HELL are you vp of Volz School???? Yelling at kids for just being Patriotic!! A child was given DETENTION for Starting the CHANT! You sir ARE NOT A GOOD American!!!!! I didn’t Serve a year in Iraq to have my Son & his friends yelled at for Chanting USA! You have a problem with this post I will be MORE than GLAD ENOUGH YO GET IN YOUR FACE ABOUT IT!!! GOD BLESS THE USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REPOST IF THIS OUTRAGES YOU!
    Thank You!

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